The Football Association, which unexpectedly announced the amnesty of match-fixing participants and faced a strong headwind, eventually withdrew the amnesty in three days.

The Korea Football Association held an emergency board meeting and reconsidered the pardon for match-fixing disciplinary action, and decided to withdraw the pardon altogether.

It took only 40 minutes from the start of the board meeting to the decision, 온라인카지노so it was virtually an issue that did not even need to be discussed.

Chairman Chung Mong-kyu bowed his head and apologized, saying it was a thoughtless decision.

[Jeong Mong-gyu/Chief of the Korea Football Association: I couldn’t fully understand the tremendous shock and emotional scars that soccer players and fans received due to the match-fixing incident. Once again, I bow my head and apologize for causing great concern to soccer fans and the public.]

While voices were raised that the head of the association should take responsibility, rather than just withdrawing the pardon, Chairman Chung did not comment on this. .

It is known that the association held a board meeting at the stadium on the day before the national team evaluation and made a surprise announcement of an amnesty an hour before the game, and the leadership arbitrarily enforced the decision without a discussion process and a vote for and against.

In the case of match-fixing, the Korea Football Association’s rules, which ignored the rules of the Korea Sports Council, which prevented disciplinary action from being reduced, were also a problem.

The players sweated and made it to the World Cup round of 16, but the association literally scored a ridiculous own goal and lost the trust of the fans.

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