Thomas Tuchel’s eyes are on ‘Lebamun’.

Coach Tuchel is a top performer. 스포츠토토Coach Tuchel is living as a barbarian after being abruptly sacked from Chelsea at the beginning of this season. Coach Tuchel, who had achieved results with Mainz, Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain, was clearly recognized for his leadership by leading Chelsea to win the European Champions League. There are weaknesses such as his personality, but his tactical ability is evaluated as the highest level. Because of this, whenever there is a seat in a big club, coach Tuchel’s name was mentioned.

The same goes for Tottenham. Tottenham, who are likely to part ways with coach Antonio Conte after the end of this season, are considering coach Tuchel as their successor. However, Director Tuchel’s gaze is higher than that. On the 16th (Korean time), Germany’s Bild said, ‘Coach Tuchel is keeping an eye on El Clasico’. He explained that he had Real Madrid and Barcelona in mind. In fact, coach Tuchel is known to be learning Spanish during the break. Bild said, ‘Juventus and Atletico Madrid are also connected to Tuchel, but Tuchel’s priority is Real Madrid and Barcelona.’ In the case of Real Madrid, there is a possibility of a manager change, such as Carlo Antelotti being linked with Brazil.

If you can’t go to Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich is also a strong destination. As mentioned earlier, coach Tuchel worked in Mainz and Dortmund. It is a familiar stage. As much as Bayern is not satisfied with manager Julian Nagelsmann, in case of a replacement, manager Tuchel is a strong candidate. Coach Tuchel is also likely to open his mind if he is Bayern.

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