Appointment committee will be formed at the next board of directors meeting and an acting manager will be appointedThe resignation of TBS CEO Lee Kang-taek, who had expressed his resignation due to health reasons, was accepted on the 30th. TBS is expected to appoint an acting manager at the next board meeting and finalize the formation of the Executive Recommendation Committee. 메이저놀이터

TBS executives are appointed by the Mayor of Seoul from among those recommended by the Executive Recommendation Committee (committee), and the right to appoint 7 members of the executive committee is held by the mayor of Seoul (2), the TBS board of directors (2), and the Seoul Metropolitan Council (3) . there is.

A TBS official told Media Today, “The appointment committee must be formed by December 16th. We plan to finish the composition of the appointment committee and the appointment of an acting manager before that,” he said.

On the 10th, CEO Lee Kang-taek told Media Today, “I will focus on health recovery and healing for the time being. CEO Lee took a month’s sick leave last month for reasons such as neck disc surgery.

Representative Lee said, “If (the representative resignation request) is a legitimate request, I will listen, but I have judged that it is not, so I have not been able to accept it in the meantime.” He said it was an irrelevant decision.

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