While Tottenham (England) suffered a goalless defeat in the away game against AC Milan (Italy), criticism continues about Conte’s strategy.

Tottenham lost 0-1 in the first leg of the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League in the 2022-23 season against AC Milan held in Milan, Italy on the 15th (Korean time). Kane, Son Heung-min, and Kulusevski built an attacking line스포츠토토, but Tottenham struggled against the AC Milan defense. In the 20th and 36th minutes of the second half, Richarlison and Danjuma were substituted for Kulusevski and Son Heung-min, but in the end the game ended without a goal. Done.

On the 16th, British Football London pointed out Conte’s management of the offensive line against AC Milan. The media said, ‘Son Heung-min is doing his best and Conte is responsible. Son Heung-min does his best when he plays as a winger or plays in the center as Kane’s partner,’ but ‘Perisic occupies the wing position and Kulusevsky is with Kane in the front, so Son Heung-min shows strength in either side. I can’t do it,’ he said.

Also, ‘Kulusevski’s attacking contribution has declined dramatically since the World Cup. Kulusevski has scored just two goals in 20 games this season. He added that since November he hadn’t registered an assist in the Premier League.

Football London said, ‘Tottenham has Richarlison, Danjuma and Moura in the attacking line. Danzuma played a key role in Villarreal’s Champions League semi-final last season, scoring six goals in the Champions League. Conte doesn’t have to hope that the forwards will regain form. Competition drives players and that’s why they signed Richarlison and Dandjuma,’ he said. ‘Conte seems to prefer late substitutions. He is waiting for or hoping for change rather than forcing it. In the match against AC Milan, Richarlison was substituted in the 25th minute of the second half, and Dandjuma was substituted with 10 minutes left in the game.”

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