“I thought about the role of manager and motivation rather than just a soccer director.”

There was no clear answer. A 7-year hiatus, except for her time as manager of Hertha Berlin. Amidst questions about whether he can keep up with the modern soccer trend, he explained his interest in Korea and his role as a manager who runs the team as the background for appointing Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany) as coach.

At a press conference on the 28th스포츠토토, Michael Müller, head of the Korea Football Association’s National Team Power Enhancement Committee, said, “We set five standards. I had in mind whether to lead soccer,” he explained.

The National Representative Power Enhancement Committee narrowed down the candidates from 61 to 28 and 5. Among the five finalists, Klinsmann was chosen as the head coach.

“Many candidates met the five criteria,” said Mueller. This was bigger than other candidates,” he said. “I thought about the managerial role and motivation rather than a simple football coach. I also thought about how to run the team.”

He added, “England Premier League managers are called managers. They don’t simply give instructions to pass through A to B. They have the big picture and control the overall situation. They work together with the coaching staff to get to the big picture.”

There is an evaluation that coach Klinsmann entrusted the tactical part to assistant coach Joachim Löw even during his days with the German national team. He is more of a manager who runs the team than a head coach who makes the team.

Chairman Muller said, “Football is not the only answer. There is a part where you have to save the individuality of the players and manage the star players. You have to create teamwork by considering various factors. I thought that only the tactical part was not the answer.” The performance and mental strength of the players on the field are also important. When these elements are in harmony, team performance is demonstrated. In the case of coach Klinsman, it was confirmed that he is competent in data grafting using modern technology other than the tactical part. Korea has a lot of experience and has a lot of experience. , It is a team with many individual strengths. Outside of tactics, coach Klinsman’s personality, saving star players, creating teamwork, and motivating were considered strengths. It was suitable as a leader, “he emphasized.

In the process of appointing a new command tower, several coaches rose to the ranks. However, according to Chairman Müller’s explanation, manager Klinsmann was the first candidate.

Chairman Miller said, “We started with a blank slate. We put the manager who was contacted and the manager we wanted as candidates,” he said. “After selecting the final five candidates, we held a video meeting. Klinsman was the manager. I felt the interest in Korean football and was self-motivated, so I thought he was the perfect fit.”

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