Quantitative Non-Experimental Study Designs

Quantitative Non-Experimental Study Designs

The journal is intended as a weekly reflection on your experience with the course material and your scholarly project. APA format.



WEEK 3 : Talk About Critical Appraisal, your understanding, the different kinds of Research (Remember it is Reflective Journal of the week, how intense the program, commitment , your learning experience and challenges.—– Quantitative Non-Experimental Study Designs
Week 4: Reflect on, Critical Appraisal: Appraise the evidence of Quantitative Non-Experimental Study Designs, talk about how you are reviewing all your journal to find one that fits into the assignment, the time involved, learning experience, intensity of the program- very intense.
Week 5 : Discussion Board was on evidence based practice is different from research. How would you identify a research project as being an evidence-based intervention project versus the creation of knowledge in a nursing research project? How do you see EBP’s role in your role as a DNP?



Week 6: Continue to talk about how you are working on the Critical Appraisal of one (1) research article, challenges, expectations/

Week 7: Working on turning in the Evidence Synthesis Paper including Matrices, which is part of the Mid Term paper.

Week 8: Discussion Board: On Picot , how important it is , discuss that, Reflect on a great learning experience with support of your professor. What do you think of process of PICOT

THIS IS WHAT I SARTED TO WRITE, YOU CAN CLEAN IT UP ADD TO YOUR WEEK 1. Quantitative Non-Experimental Study Designs
Week 1
My dream of going to Florida started about two years ago but I deferred it because I do not like to Fly. After researching about other schools in my area. I came to the conclusion that Florida was best option. I was very nervous from the time I purchased my flight ticket and made my hotel reservation. Reality set in when my husband dropped me off at the Airport morning, I took a deep breath and then I knew I just started a new journey in my career life.
I had no idea what to expect at Immersion and what it was like. This was my first emersion. The Hotel was new, when the shuttle picked us up to go to the hotel, I then meet a few students who where also going for Immersion, we connected immediately and started talking about our career and experiences. At that point, I then realized that I was not the only one that I have not been to Immersion and did not know what to expect. This actual help reduced some of the anxiety.
On arrival to Florida, I was very impressed by the open reception that we received. I signed in took my name tag and then went to my classroom. On arrival to the classroom the students that were there where very welcoming, I fitted perfectly to the atmosphere. And everyone was very kind.
I went through series of presentation, somewhere very overwhelming but very interesting. I learned something new from every presentation. Syllabus, Clinical requirements and expectation, Scholarly projects. At the end of the Immersion I knew what direction I was going with my project. The students where very supportive and helpful to each other. Everyone was ready to help. Quantitative Non-Experimental Study Designs
The instructors where all great, all my questions where answered at Immersion. I also had a chance to mith with my Advisor, it was nice to be able to connect the faces with the names. My weekly experience will not be complete without me commenting on the food. The first day the food was great, they made sure we were fed and also snacks where provided.
It was indeed a very great experience.

Week 2.
I came back home trying to adjust schoolwork, work and family. It was nice that we have the Zoom Class with the instructor, and it was good also to see the fellow students that we meet at Immersion. Quantitative Non-Experimental Study Designs
At the virtual class I was not sure what to expect but it was indeed very enlighten to get a better clarity on what is expected from us. We went over the expectations on the Discussion Board. made it clear that the focus has to be problem and intervention. This was very good because I had to go back and readjusted my initial post. He also reviewed the syllabus and the midterm and final paper.
This is my first time using Black Board I did my initial post onI was nervous with my initial post, I was the first to post, and I was not able to read my other classmates post until later in the day. The initial post was very enlightening to see the different views that our classmates had on different topics, They were all very informative. And to be able to respond with my personal feed back was great. I also submitted two post on Friday, and two additional more on Friday.
Overall I learnt a lot from reading from the different post, and also it was interesting to see how some of the chronic illness have affected each other personal lives. And it was great to be able to share that on the discussion.
I have to say this week was very challenging, trying to balance it with work, family and school. And also making about time to read all the discussions, and researching on a post that the student have written that interest me. the school Library was very helpful to me in doing my assignment this week. And I also used Grammarly to ensure that they are written without any error. I look forward to the Third week. Quantitative Non-Experimental Study Designs