Procreation and Reproduction

Procreation and Reproduction

Comment 1

Procreation is the bringing forth of an offspring while reproduction is Meilaender stated in his writing that “we should not hesitate to regard reproduction that makes use of third parties collaborators as wrong- even when collaboration seems to be in a good cause” (Meilaender, 2013). Meilaender referred to begotten as a child that is born in marriage and by natural means. In contrast to being made, which was presented as any child produced outside the of the traditional setting which being born from a marriage between man and woman by natural means. Being born out of wedlock, cloning, and other means of producing a child is seen as “being made.” I do not agree with his descriptions. An individual should not be made to feel like a failure in God’s eyes for wanting to become a parent using alternative methods and or for reproducing out of wedlock. If the child is loved and cared for, then how they came to be should not matter or have a name to describe it. For example, a cousin of mine couldn’t conceive a child through natural means so instead she had to use IVF. She and her husband are caring people who love their daughter very much. Procreation and Reproduction



Comment 2

In this religious and scientific world, procreation and reproduction and being begotten or being made all are quiet complex questions. Procreation is the bringing your offspring to this world and reproduction is the process in which organisms are produced by their parents. However, with different schools altogether with different views they would have various different ways of approaching the same topic. Generally, cloning is replicating genetically identical organisms and replication is the power of science. However, all these issues are based on morality. According to Meileander, by following the Christian theology a child is the gift of God therefore, it holds a lot of importance and is valued a lot (Middletown, J.Richard. (1994)). Basically, I would tend to agree with the description on the basis of its analysis and precision but from the moral point of view it lacks its value Procreation and Reproduction