The Busan Facilities Corporation won their 3rd win in the SK Handball Korea League thanks to the performances of Alina, who scored 9 goals alone, and Lee Mi-kyung, who returned from injury.

The Busan Facilities Corporation, led by coach Kang Jae-won, won the 2022-2023 SK Handball Korea League Women’s Round 1 match against Seoul City Hall 36-29 at Gijang Gymnasium in Busan on the 20th.

The Busan Facilities Corporation, which won 3 wins (2 draws), closely followed Samcheok City Hall, Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation, and SK Sugar Gliders (4 wins and 1 draw), who are on an undefeated march.

Alina, a foreign player from Belarus, scored 9 goals alone, and Lee Mi-kyung, the national team player who missed the last 2 games, showed off her performance to a higher level with 6 goals and 8 assists.

Alina, who scored 50 goals in the season, continued to compete for first place with Kang Kyung-min (Gwangju Urban Corporation), who scored 54 goals. 바카라사이트

Seoul City Hall suffered 4 losses (1 win) and was tied for 5th place with Incheon City Hall, who is staying at 1 win and 4 losses.

In the previous game, SK Sugar Gliders defeated Gyeongnam Development Corporation 29-27 and kept the joint lead. Choi Soo-min led the attack with 8 goals and 4 assists, and Kwon Na-na stepped on the 1200 point mark for the first time in his personal career.

This season, women’s handball gets the right to advance to the postseason until the quarterfinals, and from the first round, the gap between the top and bottom teams widens, making it a bland league.

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