At the ‘2023 Hollywood Asia Super Cup’ being held in Vietnam, Korea won a landslide victory over Vietnam on the first day thanks to Kwon Ho-jun’s 3-win performance.

On the 17th, in the pocket 9 ball match on the first day of the ‘Hollywood Asia Super Cup’ held at Hoiana Resort in Hoi An City, central Vietnam, Korea played 6 individual and team matches against Vietnam and won 5 matches. With this, Korea took a far lead over Vietnam with a score of 10:2.

In Korea, from the first game (women’s singles), Lee Woo-jin (3rd place in Korea, Incheon Sports Association) beat Wingtram Beach with a frame score of 5:1, and started happily.

In the second match (men’s singles), Kwon Ho-joon, who was ranked first in Korea, won a frame score of 5:4 after a close match with Wing Tuan. Kwon Ho-jun 메이저사이트was dragged at 1:3 until the 4th frame, then took the 5th and 6th frames and tied the frame score at 3:3. Kwon Ho-joon was defeated in the 7th frame, but won in the 8th and 9th frames and won the match with a frame score of 5:4, adding 2 points.

In the third match (women’s singles), Seo Ah Seo (1st place, Jeonnam Billiard Federation) defeated Bui Xuan Bang with a frame score of 5:0, and Korea won the individual match.

In the first team match (men and women mixed) that followed, Kwon Ho-jun and Lee Woo-jin continued their winning streak by defeating Wing Tuan An and Wing Trambic 3:0 in 3 frames.

Korea lost 2:3 (5 frames) in the second match (women’s doubles) to Seo-ah Seo-Woo-jin Wing Trambic-Bui Xuan Bang, but in the third match (male and female) Kwon Ho-joon-Seo Seo-ah Wing Tuan-An-Bui Xu I overpowered Eonbang with a ratio of 3:2 (5 frames).

Vietnam (VTVCAB), Korea (SPOTV) live broadcastingKorea won 5 out of 6 matches against Vietnam that day and secured 10 points, taking a 10-2 lead. In the ‘Hollywood Asia Super Cup’, 2 points are given to the winning team for each game, and the winning team is determined by adding up the points until the 3rd day.

On the second day of the competition, today (18th) at 1:00 p.m. (Korean time), the 3-cushion individual competition will continue. In the 3-cushion individual event, Heo Jeong-han (world 12th, Gyeongnam billiards federation) Kim Jun-tae (16th, Gyeongbuk Sports Association) Cha Myung-jong (27th, Incheon Sports Association) in the men’s 3-cushion event, Han Ji-eun (domestic 1st place, Seongnam Billiards Federation) in the women’s 3-cushion event ) and Jang Ga-yeon (2nd place, Gumi High School Affiliated Broadcasting High School) will participate.

Meanwhile, this tournament will be broadcast live throughout Vietnam through VTV CAB, a Vietnamese sports channel, and in Korea, all matches will be broadcast live on SPOTV from today, the second day of the tournament. Also, the match will be broadcast live on the YouTube ‘HOLLYWOOD BILLIARD’ channel.

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