Serbian fan: “Djokovic has already won 9 titles. Who is a stronger favorite than Djokovic?” Australian Reporter: “Last year’s corona expulsion remains, but it is still ranked 0 for the championship.” Just before the opening of the Australian Open, officials who met in Melbourne unanimously predicted Djokovic’s 10th win. Aside from being a fan of Serbia, a veteran journalist from a tennis powerhouse who has covered tennis for more than 20 years acknowledged his skills while mentioning the noise of the expulsion process.

When I asked a Serbian fan interviewed why he called Djokovic ‘Nole’, he pointed out that it was just a nickname for ‘Novak’, and also called the well-known ‘Joker’. An all-around cheat key for card games, ‘Joker’ means a clown. It’s a perfect nickname considering the tennis skills he can’t do, and his sense of entertainment that he shows off from time to time. 메이저사이트

“Rod Laver can hit all night long”In early 2022, he was expelled from Australia due to non-vaccination and his 4th consecutive defeat was frustrated, but Djokovic returned dramatically thanks to quarantine mitigation. The first round at the Rod Laver Arena, which he stepped on again after two years, must have been thrilled by himself. After the game, he signed autographs for each fan and even gave the best lip service.

“If I had to choose only one court and time on earth, I’d take the night sessions at Rod Laver Arena, because (with you) I could play all night. It’s the best court with the greatest success of my life. .” The stadium seemed to be leaving, and the Serbian fans shouted “Nole (Nole) Nole Nole!”

‘Hamstring injury’.. Virtually a fight with yourself

A hamstring injury on the back of the thigh that Son Heung-min also suffered, usually takes more than a month to recover, but Djokovic is holding on. A major tournament that requires seven consecutive victories to win. So far it doesn’t seem too bad. Djokovic’s intuition after 7 years since the 2016 French Open. The flexibility of the racquet head going down to the hip pubis during the serve movement seemed to defy the years. The proprietary serve return was as tight as a net, and if by chance the opponent’s ball slipped through the net, he removed it all with his arms reminiscent of a mollusk, flexible and gadget-like. . Djokovic always took the lead in the rally, whether it was with the right to serve or the return order.

Aggressive ship is reborn as a ‘bagel maker’

It is true that Djokovic’s play was disparaged as relatively ‘no jam’ compared to the flashy Federer and warrior-like Nadal’s play. The serve rarely exceeded 200 km, and the stroke was not one-shot-one-kill. But this year in Melbourne it was different. The last set of games against Baena in round 1 and Cuaco in round 2 both ended with bagel scores. Was it because of the aftermath of the thigh injury that he wanted to speed up the game?

In the round of 16, ‘Swift’ Dminore also won 3-0 in 2 hours lightly, and even with only 5 games. The quarterfinal match, which was considered the biggest hurdle, was also a complete victory at the level of a joke. In particular, his overwhelming serve and return shined in a quick match on the inside of the 4th pitch. No matter how tired Rublev was from the full set of the previous game, it was almost a child’s wrist twist. The foreign press evaluated it as ‘flawless play’. World No. 1 Jim Courier, who occasionally does on-court interviews, exclaims, “How do you hit the ball harder and harder?” In fact, the Australian Open homepage said to Djokovic, ‘Mr. Invincible’ (Invincible) was praised. When the hamstring injury was in a situation where it was suspected that it was a ‘pungka’, the controversy of ‘villan’, which pretended to be an injury, also emerged. During the second round, some anti-fans who drank and booed were even kicked out.

‘ONLY HUMAN’..Are you really human?The transcendent performance of ‘Deungbong Jogeuk’ and ‘Nohhwasuncheong’ that surpasses their heyday. At this point, the question of ‘Are you human?’ comes to mind. As the saying goes, ‘You have to row when the water changes’, Djokovic is more desperate than ever to win the Australian Open. Although Nadal was eliminated early due to the aftereffects of injury in Melbourne, it is obvious that he will become the biggest threat on the red soil of Roland Garro in May, and he is also unvaccinated at the US Open this summer. Alkaras, who will return to Wimbledon in July as well, is holding on to the ambush Kyrios.Medvedev and other young strong players were also given away on their own. Now that even the slugger Rublev has been beaten, the final against ‘Mr. Forehand’ Tsitsipas is a strong candidate after Tommy Paul, the American ambush opponent in the semifinals. Rather than Khachanov, which has less destructive power.

In the midst of the support of 400,000 Greek Australians (about 2% of Australia’s population, Greeks, especially in Victoria, where Melbourne is located), they are
actually enjoying a home advantage and holding high the banner of “Down with Djokovic” this time, but I don’t know. It is doubtful whether Tsitsipas’ one-handed backhand, which has many flaws, can overcome Djokovic’s iron wall backhand.

Son’s foolish side “Maybe one day I’ll be a doubles partner with my son”

Unlike me who is ‘Peppa’, my wife is always on Djokovic’s side. Even in Europe, do you see a relative loss compared to Federer and Nadal in wealthy Western Europe because of the situation in Eastern Europe, especially Serbia, which has gone through a civil war?

It is humane that Djokovic, who boasts a steel-like mentality, is a gentle sheep in front of his children. “I don’t have time to rest when I’m at home. I have to play tennis with my son Stephen. Who knows? I might play doubles with my son at the Australian Open one day.” If you look at a recent interview, he is an idiot.

A wolf’s mentality and a champion’s spiritNow, only two games remain until the long-awaited V-10, 22 Grand Slam wins. Can he match Nadal’s record with 28 Australian Open victories? Australia’s King Djokovic, as he has done nine times before, looks more likely than ever to have a 10th coronation and recapture the world No. 1 ranking.

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