“Just did it – Nellie Corda (USA)” “I’m excited about a new journey – Kim Joo-hyung” In

the first month of the new year, the news of an interesting contract drew attention in the golf world. All of them were contracts with global sports brand Nike. First, Kim Joo-hyung, who is active on the American Professional Golf (PGA) tour, announced the news of the contract with Nike. Next, Nellie Corda of the LPGA Tour announced the related news. What’s interesting is that both Korean companies were the main sponsors, but due to a contract with Nike, they dropped out of the sponsorships.

Tiger Woods. [Photo by Gettyimages] In

the golf world, it is true that a contract with Nike draws more attention than any other sponsorship contract. World-class golf stars are sponsored by Nike. ‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods has been in a contractual relationship with Nike since 1996 like a partner. In addition, Rory McIlroy, Tony Finau, Tommy Fleetwood, Jason Day, and Michelle Wie are also representative golfers sponsored by Nike. Nike entered the golf equipment business in 1984, and once produced clubs, but closed it in 2016. Still, he is thick enough to sponsor golf players. He boldly invests in potential stars. According to American media, Coda is said to have signed a sponsorship contract with Nike of more than $5 million a year. 카지노사이트

Nike also attracts attention with a sponsorship method that is different from other sponsors. Usually, Nike is reluctant to put the logo of other sponsors on everything worn by sponsored players, such as hats, golf wear, shoes, and gloves. It contains the meaning of valuing the brand value as well as the value of the player who is rising that much.

Nelly Coda. His hat has the TaylorMade logo on it. [Photo by Gettyimages]

However, in the case of Kim Joo-hyung and Coda, who signed the contract this time, there is a slightly different aspect from before. First of all, the fact of the contract was known through personal SNS. The two announced the sponsorship contract ahead of the first tournament of the new year. It is generally accepted that the brand announces the contract first, but the related facts were first announced through SNS, and then the brand and then the media were released in that order.

In addition, Kim Joo-hyung wears a different brand on his right arm and Koda wears a hat. Kim Joo-hyung wore the logo of the watch brand Audemars Piguet, which he signed a sponsorship contract with last year, and Coda wore a hat with the logo of TaylorMade, which he signed a new contract with this year. It can also be interpreted as acknowledging the potential stars of the two, who are still in their early and mid-20s (Kim Joo-hyung, 21 years old, Koda, 25 years old), and another value together. As much as that, in an era where trends change rapidly, the part that the brand itself has changed is eye-catching.

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