Kim Seo-hyun스포츠토토 (Hanwha)’s backbiting on social media is spreading in waves. The Japanese media also began to pay attention. 

Kim Seo-hyun privately posted his complaints about his coaching staff and fans on his SNS, and as this content was recently known through the baseball community, his wave grew rapidly. Kim Seo-hyun, who is participating in Mesa Spring Camp in Arizona, USA, will be fined as well as excluded from training for three days. 

Japanese sports media ‘Full Count’ reported on the 8th, “Korean national team’s right-hander Kim Seo-hyun, who became a hot topic by throwing a fastball of 101 miles per hour (about 162.5 km) at the U-18 Baseball World Cup held in the United States last fall, was disciplined at the first spring camp of his professional debut. I was sentenced,” he said.   

The media continued, “Kim Seo-hyun posted an inappropriate article about the coaching staff and fans on her social media sub account, which was leaked and became controversial.” “I look forward to reflection and growth,” he added. 

‘Full Count’ said, “Kim Seo-hyun recorded the highest 101 miles against Japan in the U-18 Baseball World Cup, and threw a fast ball of 97 miles (about 156.1 km) in the match against Taiwan. His skills are also becoming a hot topic.”

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