HSM 331 NSU Week 3 Income and Expense Budget Spreadsheet Paper

HSM 331 NSU Week 3 Income and Expense Budget Spreadsheet Paper

Health Financial Management, HSM 331-90

Individual Assignment 2 (30 Points)

Module 3

One of the goals of Health Service Managers is to achieve a basic level of competency in epidemiology to address issues such as population health and chronic disease. Health Service Managers also research consumer spending to help contribute to the practice of Health Services Management research. You will gain foundational skills by developing an Income and Expense Budget in Microsoft Excel to meet the annual financial goal of the department at a healthcare organization. In this assignment, you will complete the income and expense budget, then write a one-page summary using the “Sample Paper” format to describe your data to your department head. HSM 331 NSU Week 3 Income and Expense Budget Spreadsheet Paper




You recently were hired at a high-performing medical center as a Health Service Manager in the Orthopedic Department. One of your first tasks was to create an income and expense budget. Your department head also said that within the next three months you will need to conduct research and use the income and expense budget to determine the Medicare and Medicaid patient populations (i. e. children, pregnant women, parents, seniors, and individuals with disabilities). The department head also commented that initially, the government paid 100% under the ACA between 2014-2016. The states will have to pay their percentage and manage the increasing costs by tapping into tax revenues, making hospitals help, and adding work requirements and premiums (the data showed the government payments in 2016: 100%, 2017: 95%, 2018: 94%, 2019: 93%, and 2020 and each year thereafter 90%). The states began paying the difference in the percentage costs in 2017.


  • Download and use the format in the “Sample Paper.”
  • Review Chapter 14, Budgeting, in the textbook.
  • Review and Analyze the Video: Income and Expenditure Spreadsheet at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buIupSWqmmc
  • Use the data in the table below to create your expense budget, create the date and reference numbers. HSM 331 NSU Week 3 Income and Expense Budget Spreadsheet Paper

Income Expenditures

Procedure A, Hip Replacement 10,000 Inventory 5000

Procedure B, Back Surgery 13,000 Supplies 4000

Procedure C, Knee Replacement 15,500 Admin Salary 1000

Procedure D, Hip Fracture 5,000 Physician Salary 3000

Procedure E, Pediatric Surgery 5,000 Nurse Salary 2000

Procedure A, Hip Replacement 5,000 Admin Salary 2000

Procedure A, Hip Replacement 2,000 Physician Salary 4000

Procedure C, Knee Replacement 10,000 Nurse Salary 3000

Procedure C, Knee Replacement 5,000

  • Use the three-table format provided in the video and create the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Create a thesis statement based on your findings from the Income less Expenditures. Write a 1-page paper in APA (2020) format. Include a cover page, and attach your budget in MS Excel as Appendix A.
    • The paper should follow the SESC format of state, explain, support, and conclude, see the “Sample Paper.”
    • Hint: Remember to describe Appendix A in your paper.
  • Review the Rubric to maximize points. HSM 331 NSU Week 3 Income and Expense Budget Spreadsheet Paper