“More than anything, it’s defense.”

SSG started earnestly raising Jeon Ui-san (23). Attack is undoubtedly He is a ‘young gun’ that is also valuable in the league. But attack alone is difficult. You can’t survive without defense. Jeon Ui-san knows, and the club is paying attention.

Jeon Eui-san, who joined in 2020, appeared like a comet last year. Despite his first-team debut season, he compiled a batting average of 0.249, 13 homers, 45 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.797 in 77 games. The problem is defense. He still lacks stability as a first baseman. On August 26 last year, he showed tears on the ground after making mistakes one after another in the match against KT in Suwon.

Manager Kim Won-hyung said, “It is defense that we always talk about. He is said to have said, ‘If he is good at defense, he can go out as the starting player unconditionally’. There is no answer other than practice. He has to practice to build confidence, and even if he makes mistakes, he has the feeling that he can do it again. He really continues to train,” he pointed out.

“I jokingly told (former) Euisan, ‘Don’t cry anymore. Which would be more difficult, striking out at bases full or making an error at bases full? Uisan also said it was a mistake. There are also players who strike out 100 times. You shouldn’t make 20-30 mistakes. Last year, I had a real mental breakdown. He saw that he couldn’t move properly. Friends with weak hearts can do that,” he said with a slight smile.

Jeon Eui-san is also 카지노사이트focusing on defense. “I am practicing defense. I do all the regular training, and I do it as an extra. Since I am tall, I have a high posture when catching the ball. I am focusing on lowering my posture,” he explained.

He continued, “I often look for Samsung Oh Jae-il’s videos. He is tall, but he is very good at defense. His roommate, senior Choi Joo-hwan, also gives him a lot of advice. The mental part is also well taken care of. Seniors call me first and take care of me,” he added.

I also looked back at last season. Another story about defense. “It has been sluggish since August of last year, but in the end, the defense was the problem. Mistakes in defense affected the attack as well. shook violently. So this camp focuses on defense. If you make a mistake, an afterimage remains even when you hit. After all, the starting point is defense. It was a contraction. I kept getting worried,” he pointed out.

Repetitive training is the answer. SSG knows this, so it sees Jeon Eui-san as the starting first baseman. This is also the reason why outfielder Guillermo Heredia was selected as the foreign batter unlike last year.

Eui-san Jeon said, “I heard that an outfielder was coming as a foreign hitter, so I thought, ‘The team is paying a lot of attention’ and ‘They are trying to give me a chance’. Thank. i have to do better Last year, he came up to the first team in the middle of the season. This season, the goal is to start with the first team from the beginning and complete it to the end. I will also hit 20 home runs. I will do as much as the foreign players.”

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