The men’s basketball team of the Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Sangmu) came forward as a daily coach for the Naksaeng High School basketball team and the Seongnam Middle School basketball team.

On the 16th, the 2023 Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Sangmu) men’s basketball team talent donation coaching program was held at the gymnasium of Naksaeng High School.

Squad leader Heo Hoon메이저놀이터, Kim Nak-hyeon, Kim Hoon, Park Jung-hyeon, Park Joon-young, Song Gyo-chang, Yoo Hyun-jun, Lee Yong-woo, and Lee Yun-gi participated and taught Naksaeng High School and Seongnam Middle School players by position.

Naksaenggo Choi Jeong-hwan, Managing Director Park Joon-young

Naksaeng High School Choi Jung-hwan (3rd grade, 195cm) said, “I couldn’t believe that the professional basketball players taught me directly. I think Park Joon-young will be especially memorable. From the situation to how to drop an opponent with simple steps, he told me in detail what I needed, one by one. I was impressed by the fact that he taught me a lot of helpful information in practice. I am so grateful for the hyungs’ visit. I worked hard and became a professional teammate. I will try my best to meet you. Starting today, my role model is Park Joon-young” (laughs), expressing gratitude for the daily coaching.

Hearing this, Park Joon-young said, “I am lacking a lot, but I am proud of the thought that my ability can be of some help. I am visiting various schools while running the program, but compared to the development of my physical condition, the basic skills seem to be a little lacking. The guidance of the coaches I think focusing on is the wisest way to grow. I will do my best so that I can become a senior that I will not be ashamed of when I meet in the professional world.”

Vice President Kim Nak-hyun and Heo Hoon

Heo Hoon led the atmosphere in the mini-games, which were held in 5 minutes and 2 quarters with Naksaeng High School players and 5 minutes and 2 quarters with Seongnam Middle School players.

Heo Hoon, who made the scene laugh by saying that high school students are scary, participated only in middle school games and directed several one-on-one situations with Lee Jae-seong (3rd grade, 180cm), who is regarded as the ace of Seongnam Middle School. Parents and fans who visited the gym also received applause with the word ‘superstar’, playing the role of a mood maker.

Lee Jae-seong of Seongnam Middle School said, “I was excited even before the start as a middle school student playing basketball with professional brothers. Heo Hoon created a one-on-one atmosphere during the game, so I wanted to show off my skills, but he was the best player. He gave me advice after the game, and I am very grateful. I will exercise harder and apply for a one-on-one match with Heo Hoon with a more mature appearance. From today, Heo Hoon is also my role model.”

Managing Director Jeonghyun Park

After finishing the program, Chang-gon Jang, head coach of the Sangmu basketball team, said, “I think it was a good thing to participate in the program because the response from the secondary basketball players was enthusiastic. I will think about it so that a good program can be realized.”

The program, which started at Samil High School on the 15th, was completed on Naksaeng High School (16th), Songdo High School (17th), and Jemulpo High School (18th). Obituary (20th at 15:00), Baejae High (21st at 15:00), and Yeosu Hwayang High School (22nd-26th) will be held.

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