The Philadelphia Eagles are one step closer to becoming the National Football League (NFL) champion.

The Eagles finished the first half with a 24-14, 10-point lead over the Kansas City Chiefs in the 57th Super Bowl held at State Farm Stadium in Arizona on the 13th (Korean time).

Eagle returned to the Super Bowl stage five years after its first win in 2018. The Eagles, who succeeded in rebuilding with third-year quarterback Jaylen Hurts and second-year manager Nick Siriani, are challenging their second career title.

On the other hand, the Chiefs, led by quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and manager Andy Reed, have been to their third Super Bowl stage in the last four years and are aiming for their second joint win.

Looking at the first half situation, the Eagles stepped on an advantage.

This is because카지노사이트 there is only one case of missing Vince Lombardi (Super Bowl champion) among the teams that went into halftime with a double-digit lead. Six years ago, with the Atlanta Falcons leading 28-3 at halftime, the New England Patriots, led by Tom Brady, allowed a comeback (28-34) that would go down in NFL history and gave them the trophy.

Chiefs dreams of a second ‘miracle’.

With the 3rd quarter underway, the Chiefs managed a touchdown and trailed by 24-21, 3 points.

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