When you think of wrestling, you probably think of a strong physique and strong strength.

By the way, in a wrestling tournament, a very thin young player knocked out a player twice his height and weight and became a hot topic.

David won the battle between David and Goliath.

Photographer Kim Hyeong-joon met Yun Jeong, who is called David in the wrestling field.


[Jungyun/David who beat Goliath: “Hello. I’m Jeongyun, a 6th grader from Chungmu Elementary School living in Tongyeong.”] [토토사이트

“In the 4th grade, my teacher encouraged me to wrestle, so I’m continuing.”]


[“I think it’s good when you succeed with a skill you weren’t good at.”]

[Lee Seung-won/Director/Chungmu Middle School: “I’m not a player who overwhelms my opponent in terms of strength, but I have good skills.”]

[” It’s because I have the skills and ability to get out of the game without going overboard while playing against big players.”]

[Jungyun/David who beat Goliath: “I want to keep getting first place in every tournament I go to.”]

[“If I go to a tournament and win I think I’ll fly through space.”]

[“I think I picked it up because it became a habit because I touched my hand while training with the little ones to avoid hurting them.”]

[“I’m a little thankful.

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