Common Customer Service Complaints Question

Common Customer Service Complaints Question

customer service deliverable 3 Recognize and Resolve Common Customer Service Complaints

Recognize and resolve common customer service complaints.


You have recently been hired as the new Customer Service Manager for a large car dealership. The owner of the dealership has been receiving reports about the large number of customer service complaints from the Service Department customers. These complaints have come from both new and existing customers. As the new Customer Service Manager, your role is to resolve the customer service complaint issues within the service department and increase customer satisfaction. Common Customer Service Complaints Question




You have been asked by the owner of the dealership to develop a plan on how to effectively handle complaints.

In a 2-page Word document include the following information:

  • Determine a method to collect the information about customer complaints.
  • To educate the staff within the Service Department on how to interact with customers who are dissatisfied, identify five customer complaints and include 1-2 paragraphs each about how to resolve these types of complaints. Common Customer Service Complaints Question