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Hajime Moriyasu, head coach of the Japanese national soccer team, is busy. Even though he deserves a break for the next phase, he gets on a plane to observe the Europeans.

According to the Japanese media <Daily Sports>, director Moriyasu left for Europe via Tokyo Haneda International Airport on the morning of the 28th. Director Moriyasu, who met Japanese reporters at his departure hall, explained the reason for his trip to Europe, saying, “I want to meet with the players to look back on the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and talk about the future.”

According to <Daily Sports>, Moriyasu, coach of the Japanese national team, will begin field observation, focusing on Germany, where the players are mainly active. Coach Moriyas revealed that he would like to hear the Qatar World Cup settlement and future tasks from the player’s point of view. He is determined to listen to opinions as a partner who should lead the national team together in the future rather than a matter of immediate performance. 스포츠토토

Meanwhile, coach Moriyasu succeeded in renewing the contract after the last World Cup in Qatar, which put Japan in the round of 16, and is concentrating all his energy on preparing for the next international tournament by reorganizing coaches such as Hiroshi Nanami and Ryoichi Maeda. Based on his excellent performance in the World Cup, it is impressive to see him quickly preparing for various competitions such as the upcoming 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup while maintaining continuity in the national team.

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