Lionel Messi plans to find a new team at the same time as the contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) ends. Returning to his former team, FC Barcelona (hereafter referred to as Barca), is one of the options.

Barça striker Robert Lewandowski sent a love call on the 21st (local time) through the British media ‘Mirror’, saying, “I want to play with Messi at Barsa.”

Barça’s recruitment of Messi is a great help in strengthening power beyond symbolism. Although they won the league this season, they have been sluggish on the European stage lately. We need a Messi who is still the best in experience and skills.메이저사이트

He is still performing well even at his age, and Lewandowski, a top goal scorer, can also create synergy with a partner named Messi.

Lewandowski also said, “Messi has developed more in his playing style in recent years. He is making a difference in his position in the game. He expects that it is easier to work with players who understand football.”

Messi’s comeback to Barcelona has many hurdles to overcome. Due to financial difficulties, it is not easy to meet Messi’s current salary. Barça plans to sell some key players to re-sign Messi. Also, Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia is shaking Messi’s heart with a large amount of money.

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