As it is the end of the current season, there 안전놀이터 are not many games left. It was decided not to use Henderson because of Ignite’s failure to advance to the playoffs, not because of Henderson’s injury. Henderson needs to prepare for the upcoming NBA draft. After he melts away from fatigue, he is expected to spur his preparations for the rookie nomination.

Henderson headed to Ignite last summer. Instead of going to college, he decided to take players out of high school to advance to the NBA in the G-League. He made his professional debut with a season at the newly formed Ignite. Even though he was still a young player, he played as a key force in the team and showed his best talent.

He recorded 16.5 points (.429 .275 .764), 5.3 rebounds, 6.8 assists and 1.1 steals in 30.7 minutes per game in 19 games. Despite his first season as a professional, he performed well and attracted a lot of attention by far. Although he has a weak outside shot, he showed considerable performance compared to the time he played. He is in the limelight as a next-generation ball handler because he can play an active role in both attacking attempts and game management.

It is rated as one of the biggest fish in the 2023 draft along with Victor Wembenyama (Metropolitan 92). Ahead of this season, Ignite and Metropolitan clashed at Ignite’s home. Henderson performed with 28 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists in his first game. Although, in the second match, he suffered an injury in the early stages and did not play any time after that.

Meanwhile, Ignite, led by Henderson, is in 10th place in the Western Conference with 11 wins and 16 losses so far this season. Regardless of the results of the remaining games, as the playoffs are far away, we decided not to use Henderson. In the G-League Showcase Cup, it remained at the bottom of the conference, leaving a regret.

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