Noh Si-hwan of the Hanwha Eagles redefined the direction of the batting. A promising big shot, he announced that he would return to his previous swing that was not afraid of strikeouts.

Noh Si-hwan, who joined as the first nomination in 2019, was selected as ‘post Kim Tae-gyun’. He was selected as Hanwha’s next-generation 4th hitter, and he showed a steady growth.

In 2019, the first year of his debut, he participated in 91 games and recorded a batting average of 1.18 and 6 Lee (33 hits in 177 at-bats), experiencing the spicy taste of a professional. He hit just one home run. Noh Si-hwan, whom we met at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA, said, “I hit the first professional home run from Lotte senior Kim Won-joong.” Born in Busan, he recorded his first professional home run at Sajik Stadium, which he occasionally played during his amateur days.

He had a low batting average of . 2.2 (76 hits) in 106 games in 2020, but showed off his slugging power by hitting 12 home runs. In 2021, he played in 107 games and hit 2.7 and 1 Lee (103 hits) with 18 home runs and reached the threshold of 20 home runs.

However, in 115 games in 2022, he improved to a batting average of .281 (122 hits), but the number of home runs plummeted to 6. Noh Si-hwan said, “It was a season where I couldn’t achieve my goal last year, and it was a year where I felt a lot in regret. He had a clear plan of what to do with the batting direction, training, and season,” he said.

The direction of hitting is a hot topic for most young hitters. He said, “Last year, I tried to reduce his strikeouts, but the cool and overswing advantage disappeared. As he focused on his batting average, his hitting point was delayed, and naturally, he did not get long hits. He doesn’t strike out, but his slugging has decreased. I tried to make up for my메이저사이트 shortcomings, but it became a season that was neither good nor bad. I was very sorry. He’s putting a little more emphasis on long hitting now,” he explained.

Noh Si-hwan received many opportunities when he was directed by former coach Han Yong-deok in the first or second year. Even in the 10% and early 20% batting averages, he was constantly given opportunities to play. Noh Si-hwan said, “Since he was a rookie, he struck out a lot, so I was afraid of his strikeout. He seems to have gone in the direction of contact because he’s worried about strikeouts,” he said.

72 strikeouts in 192 at-bats, 116 strikeouts in 387 at-bats, and 107 strikeouts in 458 at-bats, down slightly to 95 strikeouts in 490 at-bats last year. However, instead of getting a small one, he drastically reduced his home run count from 18 to 6.

As the number of home runs declined over the course of the season, Noh Si-hwan made changes to his batting mid-season. He said, “It was a season where I wandered a lot because I tried to change it in a hurry. I was greedy for long hits, and the part that the people around me and the fans expected was long hits and home runs, so I tried to fix it during the season, but it didn’t work out.”

It became a ruined season trying to make up for the shortcomings. Noh Si-hwan said, “After hitting 12 home runs and 18 home runs, last year I had a complacent thought that if I just did this, then the number of home runs would increase enough as I accumulated experience. He should have researched more and worked harder. I was complacent. It was a poisonous season. He was confused while trying to change his mind during the season,” he said. I had a good experience.”

Based on failure, I want to go on the road to success again. Established hitting in spring camp. “If you want to hit long shots, move the point forward, and the most important thing is timing. I think timing and points are important in batting. By catching the timing early and bringing the points to the front, I am making a swing with a bigger arc,” he said about preparing for the season.

He was asked if he was aiming for 20 home runs, which he did not do last year, or 30 home runs. Noh Si-hwan said, “If you set a goal in numbers, your greed only grows. And if you don’t get close to that number, your mind becomes impatient. Last year, my goal was to play full-time without injury, but I failed with a hamstring. This year, full-time without injury is my biggest goal. The details are the point, and if you work hard on the timing, the record will follow.”

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