The cost of giving up the game was high.

The NBA Secretariat announced on the 15th (Korean time), “The Dallas Mavericks were fined $750,000 (approximately 980 million won) for acts that harm the league during the regular league match against the Chicago Bulls on the 8th.”

Dallas didn’t use their starting players in the game against Chicago.바카라사이트 They benched Kyrie Irving, Tim Hardaway Jr., Josh Green, Christian Wood and Maxi Clever. Luka Doncic also did not return to the court after playing only the first 12 minutes and 35 seconds. Dallas lost 112-115, and the playoff elimination was confirmed.

It was an exception to the starting lineup to protect the rookie draft nomination. The NBA explained the reason for the disciplinary action, saying, “Dallas violated the NBA’s player rest policy. Above all, it showed behavior to lose the game to protect the first round selection of the 2023 rookie draft.”

Dallas also included a provision for the 2023 draft pick in the process of trading Kristaps Porzingis with the New York Knicks in 2019. It was a provision that the nomination right within the 10th place could be kept, but it had to be given to New York below the 11th place. Dallas secured the right to pick within the 10th pick with the playoff elimination.

“It’s not about waving the white flag,” manager Jason Kidd said. “It’s hard to make a decision like this. We’re trying to build a champion team. This decision is a step back. But I hope this decision will move the team forward.” .

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