Yang Hong-seok expressed his deep gratitude to KT fans. Now he wears the LG uniform and quilts the coat.

Changwon토스카지노 LG Sakers announced on the 18th that they had signed a contract with free agency forward Yang Hong-seok for 5 years and a total of 750 million won in compensation.

After graduating from Busan Jungang High School, Yang Hong-seok jumped into the pro stage as an early draft in his freshman year at Chung-Ang University and established himself as KT’s representative forward. Yang Hong-seok, who is tall, has excellent shooting skills, and has the ability to participate in the fight for air supremacy, was mentioned as one of the biggest players in the FA market early on.

With much interest from fans about Yang Hong-seok’s future, his choice was to transfer to LG. LG, which promoted forward reinforcement, actively started recruiting Yang Hong-seok.

Yang Hong-seok said, “Thank you for taking good care of me at KT while I was with you for 6 years. And I want to say that I am grateful for the fact that the team called LG strongly supports me and that I can sign a contract under good conditions.”

While exercising his FA status for the first time, he worried a lot about his future, but Yang Hong-seok recalled that he had a happy period in some ways thanks to his interest in him.

Yang Hong-seok said, “I think the thing I was grateful for was that I had happy thoughts thanks to the clubs who put offers to me. I looked back.

Not only the LG front desk, but also coach Cho Sang-hyun actively jumped into the recruitment of Yang Hong-seok. Director Cho Sang-hyun’s active appearance moved Yang Hong-seok’s heart.

Yang Hong-seok said, “LG was the most active club. Coach Cho Sang-hyun came to the table with a precious step and told me in detail about future plans and utilization. It was an opportunity to move my mind to the active part that was meticulous and needed me.” said.

What LG and Yang Hong-seok have in common is that they have yet to win a championship match. LG took second place in the regular league last season and fluttered its wings. Yang Hong-seok cited teamwork as LG’s strong point, and showed his belief that he could challenge for the championship.

First of all, Yang Hong-seok said, “No matter what role I am given, the reason why LG club recruited me must be about the performance. Regardless of the role, I want to get the best possible results. However, since LG is by no means a weak team, I think I just need to do well.”

“Of course, winning is the first goal. Other teams have really good members, but LG is also a team with strong teamwork led by the coach. I wonder if I can get closer to it,” he added.

During the phone interview, Yang Hong-seok did not forget to mention his gratitude to KT fans. Yang Hong-seok, who entered the professional league earlier than others, said that at a time when he could have been anxious, he was able to rise to his current position with the support of KT fans.

Yang Hong-seok said, “When I look back from the age of 21 to now, I went through a period of anxiety in some ways. I was able to be here because KT fans and club officials took good care of me at a time when I could be shaken a lot without graduating from college. I think there are fans who regret it even more because they gave me a lot. I am grateful that I received so much love that I was undeserved of at KT, and that I was able to play basketball happily thanks to the fans.”

One of the biggest issues in this free agency market is the massive movement of forwards. With Yang Hong-seok leaving and KT recruiting Moon Seong-gon, the match between LG and KT next season is expected to develop more interestingly.

Yang Hong-seok said, “As long as I changed my uniform, I will now do my best for the team’s victory with a sense of belonging with the idea that I am a member of LG. Instead of a sad image, the goal is to show only a good image.”

LG is famous for its enthusiastic support from fans. Heading to Changwon, Yang Hong-seok greeted the LG fans with a fluttering heart.

Yang Hong-seok said, “LG ​​is one of the top 10 clubs with a passionate city and energetic fans. I will do my best so that I can reach the goal that the fans and the club want while showing my best.”

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