According to Carrie Seitz 메이저사이트(USA), head of women’s refereeing at the International Football Federation (FIFA), the professionalism of female referees is reaching an unmatched level. And this is seen as a good sign ahead of the Women’s World Cup in New Zealand and Australia in July.

In fact, the professionalism of female referees is developing day by day. FIFA does not set gender restrictions, but men’s World Cup referees have been ‘exclusively’ for men. However, female referees also became more professional as the day progressed and broke the glass ceiling in 92 years.

Stephanie Frafar (France), Salima Mukansanga (Rwanda), and Yoshimi Yamashita (Japan) were chosen as referees at the Men’s World Cup held in Qatar last year, while Neusa Baek (Brazil), Karen Dias (Mexico), and Catherine Nesbit (USA) were chosen as the referees. ) served as assistant referee.

Seitz, head of FIFA Women’s Referees, said at an event held at the World Trade Organization (WTO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, “The program to develop the professionalism of female referees has greatly contributed to enhancing the ability of female referees to govern the game at the highest level.” “It’s a big change that’s very positive and can have a lot of impact as there are more aspects that women can do in football,” she said.

“I’m really proud of the achievements in recent years that have brought women referees and their professions into the global spotlight,” she said. I do,” he said.

Meanwhile, FIFA assigned 33 referees, 55 assistant referees, and 19 VAR referees to women in the Women’s World Cup held in New Zealand and Australia. This list includes Oh Hyeon-jeong, Kim Yu-jeong (Lee Sang-im), and Kim Gyeong-min. There were as many as 5 Korean referees including Lee Seul-gi and Park Mi-sook (Lee Sang-soo).

FIFA said, “As always, we selected referees with quality as our top priority. They are the highest level referees in the world.” Our goal is to continue our success at the World Cups in New Zealand and Australia.”

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