Hana 1 Q successfully finished ‘Assister Day’.

Bucheon HanawonQ designated the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball game against Asan Woori Bank held at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 10th as ‘Assistor Day’.

Hana 1Q Assister provides college students with hands-on experience of sports marketing by participating in home game support and content development for college students, and started the 2016-2017 season for the ESG program (sports industry and local talent development) for college students, the 7th term this year It is operating.

An official from Hana 스포츠토토1Q said, “Assistor Day was conducted with 7 assisters taking the initiative to provide hands-on experience from planning to running a basketball team’s home game. A recent social media event organized by Assister, the contact comment event, received a good response. Therefore, we wanted to reflect the unique ideas of college students as much as possible in Assister Day.”

Assister organized an event with the concept of ‘Hana School’ with the theme of the upcoming new semester. From entrance gifts to attendance check, art class, physical education class, math class, dance club, etc., it is composed of various things. 

For each event, a hot pack was given as a gift for admission, a photo booth for attendance check, a placard decoration for art class, a basketball experience for PE class, a player uniform number quiz for math class, and a dance challenge for dance club class.

“We were able to experience how our ideas are implemented,” said Ha-Yeon Jeon of the 7th Assister class. I felt proud because everyone from young fans to family members easily understood and participated in the event.”

Lee Da-eun, 7th Assister, said, “The planning time for Assister Day was tight, but when I saw that it was running well, I felt, ‘You are doing sports marketing with such pride’. I was able to see how it actually goes from planning to operation by producing not only the electronic display board at the stadium but also the club’s SNS posts,” she said of her feelings after finishing the event.

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