Hello there!
I hope you are having a lovely November. Here on the North Coast, the skys are becoming darker, the seas become stormy, and the days are shorter as the sun sets in the late afternoon…I am enjoying long nights by the fireside, knitting cozy hats for my two eldest children who are at university and their friendsIts lovely to make something for them which will keep them warm & let them know they are loved & missed…This one is for my son, to remind him of the beaches back home…This one is for my daughter, soft & cozy…These are for my daughters flat-mates..And this one… well, I saw it on  & couldn’t resist..If you fancy making some cozy knits, check out some of the free patterns  and  I think I’ll maybe try this one next….If you have any favourite hat or scarf patterns, I’d love to hear from you & 먹튀검증 we could share them in the next post.. In the meantime, I hope you have a lovely week & manage to get out & enjoy some November sunshine

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