It seems unlikely that coach Jurgen Klinsmann (58, Germany) will continue the tactics of coach Paulo Bento (53, Portugal).

Mikhail Müller, chairman of the Korea Football Association’s National Team Strengthening Committee, explained the background of the appointment of coach Jurgen Klinsmann at a press conference held at the Gwanghwamun Soccer Center in Seoul at 2:00 pm on the 28th. On the 27th, the Korea Football Association appointed Klinsman as the new manager. Coach Klinsman will lead the national team until the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America. Chairman Mueller started the press conference by saying, “I will bring coach Klinsmann to Korea as soon as possible.”

[Hereinafter, Chairman Mueller’s Q&A]

– Communication within the committee was not good.
The second committee meeting was held yesterday. What can be said with certainty is that the meeting yielded positive responses. The committee is a place to mediate and share opinions with each other. Always meet together in this committee with a mature attitude. Yesterday shared about the past process. Everyone agreed. The step in which the Strengthening Committee selects candidates and contacts them is a policy matter of the association. I asked for forgiveness and asked for consent.

-How did you discuss the Power Reinforcement Committee?
It is not a decision alone. At the first meeting, a director was appointed according to procedures and standards. Ideas shared. We started by agreeing on the contents together. We talked about environmental factors. All agreed. A total of five candidates were selected through the entire process. All five met the criteria. Among them, director Klinsman was the first to approach. After receiving the consent of the committee members, negotiations began first.

-How did you come into contact with Klinsman?
In 2018, coach Klinsman was among the candidates for the national soccer team coach. Klinsmann was very interested in the Korean national team. He visited Korea as a commentator for Germany during the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. During the 2017 U-20 World Cup, Coach Klinsman’s son played as a goalkeeper for the US national team, so Coach Klinsman came to Korea. He also has the experience of scoring a goal against Korea in the 1994 World Cup USA. He was very impressed with Korea’s fighting spirit. He came back in 2004 when he led the German national team and lost 1-3 to Korea. At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he was a member of the FIFA Technical Committee (TSG). He was impressed by the performance of the Korean national team. Technical Committee member Cha Du-ri also worked at TSG with coach Klinsman. Klinsman asked Cha Doo-ri a lot about Korean football.

-Please tell me in detail how you contacted Klinsman. (Question for material)
It started from a blank slate. After selecting candidates, they contacted them. I prepared for the interview myself. Prepared how to interview candidates. I checked if I watched the Korean team play at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. We discussed how to organize the coaching staff. For each candidate, short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals were identified. I checked what kind of teamwork I will lead the national team. I checked if it fits well with the interest in Korean soccer, the development of Korean soccer, and the policy of the Korea Football Association. We checked the motivation of individuals and whether they resided in Korea. Two weeks ago, the final two candidates were selected and the decision was made to appoint a director. I heard a positive answer from director Klinsman스포츠토토. I judged Klinsman to be the perfect fit. The final decision was made on February 27th. The first five candidates were contacted through online interviews from January 30 to February 1. Five candidates were selected by January 26th. On January 12, a total of 61 candidates were selected.

-What made Klinsman better than other candidates?
Five criteria were set and reviewed. I checked how to lead Korean soccer. It was difficult to confirm the human side. All criteria had to be checked. I was surprised that the candidates were interested in the Korean managerial position. Director Klinsman had many attractive parts, such as his strong personality. Most obviously, he really wanted to coach the Korean national team. He had a greater desire than other candidates to develop with the Football Association. He was highly motivated to succeed with the Korean national team. I thought about who would be the best fit for our national team. EPL managers are called managers. He has the big picture and the ability to control the situation.

– Were there any domestic directors among the five finalists?
There was no Korean director among the five candidates. There were 61 candidates. I planned to meet with a Korean director candidate if I could not contact the five candidates.

-How did you take Klinsmann’s leadership gap into consideration?
Football isn’t just about tactics. It is a sport that determines the characteristics of individual players, teamwork, and the characteristics of the opposing team. The mentality of players is also important. Teamwork emerges when overall harmony is achieved. Coach Klinsman has experience participating in the Qatar World Cup with FIFA TSG. Aside from the tactical part, his strength is that he knows how to handle teamwork.

-Director Klinsman lives in Korea? Do you come with your family?
I can’t tell you exactly about the terms of the contract. As a director who satisfies all 5 criteria, it is certain that he is active in life in Korea.

-Is Klinsman a manager-type coach, or who is in charge of the Korean coach?
Klinsman’s tactical capabilities are outstanding. The Korean coach is negotiating. This is something that needs to be decided after discussing with the director. The staff composition is scheduled for a meeting on Thursday. The whole process is not complete. We will announce in due time. Yesterday, at the Power Reinforcement Committee, we discussed the appointment of a Korean coach.

-Would you like to continue Bento’s coaching philosophy?
Each coach has a different tactic. I will decide when coach Klinsman comes. He has to think about what kind of combination he will come up with with Korean players. It is difficult to copy and imitate any particular manager’s tactics. It is important how to solve the transition between offense and defense in an optimal way.

– Were there any Korean directors in the midterm candidates? What was the lack of Korean directors?
No distinction was made between Korean and foreign candidates. I judged that he was suitable for the national team coach. There were no Korean candidates in the final five.

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