In the match against France at the U-20 World Cup, Korea almost missed the victory due to the referee’s dubious decision.

In the 21st minute of the second half, we were leading 2-0. Goalkeeper Kim Joon-hong flew to block France’s cross and bumped into opposing striker Epekelle.메이저놀이터

Shocked, Kim Junhong has been down for a while When I woke up, Colombian referee John Ospina took out a yellow card to Kim Joon-hong.

He eventually conceded a goal to the referee’s decision to declare Kim Joon-hong’s foul and even give him a penalty kick.

However, Kim Jun-hong continued to play well throughout the game, and South Korea won 2-1 against France.

(Recording: Jeon Hyung-woo / Editing: Ha Sung-won / Production: Digital News Planning Department)

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