There is something special about the display boards at Changwon NC Park and Suwon KT Wiz Park. If you look at a pitcher’s ball and look at the screen, various numbers that you have never seen before are printed. Aside from simply providing the pitcher’s restraint, various information such as pitch type and revolutions per minute (RPM) awaits fans who turned their heads.

This data is tracked by먹튀검증 ‘Trackman’ radars installed throughout the stadium, digitized in real time as soon as pitching is finished, and transmitted to the electronic display board. Data that could not be imagined just 10 years ago, and which cannot be traced by the human eye, are clearly organized and waiting for fans. This is the part where you can feel that the era of the tracking system has opened in the KBO league.

Now, even in the team, this data has become an indispensable and valuable resource. It is a consistent story among KBO league power analysis officials that the number of players seeking their tracking data has increased significantly after the game. The front desk and coaching staff also have a trend of identifying the phenomenon with accurate numbers and contemplating prescriptions, rather than the previous vague ‘feel’. While various companies are competing fiercely in this market with the advantages of their respective systems, Trackman was again the choice for tracking data for the 9 KBO league teams.

The TrackMan system is widely known as the protagonist who opened the era of ‘Statcast’ in the major leagues in 2015. It provides various tracking data by combining the military radar system of the US military with sports. Major League Baseball, which has partnered with Trackman, has opened a new horizon by processing a lot of invisible data and disclosing it to fans. Even now, this TrackMan system is widely used in American minor leagues, college leagues, and Japanese professional baseball. In golf, it is so familiar that it has already entered everyday life.

The Trackman system in the KBO League, starting with the adoption by Samsung and Hanwha in 2017, has gradually expanded its scope to the present. From about 2020, all nine KBO league clubs, except KIA, have adopted this TrackMan system and are using it for power analysis. Even ahead of this season, the clubs’ choice was Trackman. All nine existing clubs have renewed their contracts with Trackman. An industry insider explained, “The vast majority of them signed long-term contracts, not single-year contracts.”

Then, why did the 9 clubs renew their confidence in the TrackMan system despite the love calls from other companies? There are three main reasons. First of all, while using it, I was fully satisfied with the technology and also secured trust in stability. They are also satisfied with the software and system provided by Trackman. Here, it was also clearly confirmed that Trackman continues to develop and evolve. This is the reason why I was able to renew contracts with 9 clubs without much trouble.

Kim Jin-woo, CEO of ‘Sportistics’, which oversees the Trackman system in Korea, said, “There are several systems, but among the existing data tracking technologies, there was a perception among the clubs that Trackman is stable and accurate. Accuracy is important, but on the other hand, this system and After explaining the background of the clubs’ selection, saying, “There are our working-level staff who operate the data, and the systems are already built,” he said, “if there are any requests from the clubs, they are reflected immediately. We are trying to upgrade.” In fact, Trackman has recently completed all procedures to upgrade the system from V2 to V3 using the opinions of the clubs.

Currently, TrackMan systems are installed in a total of 18 stadiums across the 1st and 2nd divisions. Not only the 1st team, but also the 2nd team of the contract teams are built so that they can utilize accurate tracking data. It is also installed in Mokdong Stadium to provide information on amateur baseball players to nine clubs. The know-how accumulated since 2017 and the continuously upgraded system have already entered the stabilization process. System stability and feedback are as important as data technology, and TrackMan is evaluated as being the most advanced in the industry.

As the system is widely used internationally, the advantage of easy sharing of related data cannot be ignored. Right now, the Tokyo Dome in Japan also has a Trackman system, and the Trackman system provided all data during the first and second rounds of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) Tokyo held in March. Representative Kim explained, “It is possible to exchange KBO league data, US minor league data, and Japanese professional baseball data. International usability is also one of the strengths of the TrackMan system.”

Equipment is constantly evolving. As many devices have their own strengths, Trackman does not forcefully claim that ‘we are the best in all areas’. However, the room for upgrade is large compared to other companies. Trackman, which is actually a radar system, is actively accepting the advantages of a camera system in recent years. Currently, Trackman is also equipped with a camera on the radar, and it is expected that more equipment will be added and supplemented in the future to become a system that encompasses the advantages of both radar and camera methods.

CEO Kim said, “3D spin and player tracking technology will be introduced to the KBO league this year. We are trying to upgrade the service provided to the club.” When the player tracking technology is introduced, it is expected that the reliability of the TrackMan system will be drastically increased as it will be possible to track the running and defense of players in detail.

CEO Kim said, “I think tracking technology will continue to evolve as many companies compete. Trackman will also do its best to provide more precise, accurate, and faster data output by integrating AI technology.” He emphasized, “I want to contribute to the development of the professional baseball industry by actively introducing equipment that is better than TrackMan as well as improving the existing TrackMan system.”

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