The organizers of the Naples vs. Mallorca match are racing against time to get the consent of the Korea Professional Football Federation (KFA).

Promoter Stadium X and Untouchable Sports Group (hereinafter referred to as the organizers), who had been preparing for a friendly match between Naples and Mallorca in Korea, met with the Pro League on the 10th to obtain an agreement on the match, but the Pro League could not change their position. Two matches are scheduled for the two teams on June 8 and 10, and the match on the 10th overlaps with the K League 1 match. The Professional Federation is in the position that it cannot allow events that interfere with box office performance on the day of K League 1 matches.

In response메이저사이트, the organizers made a statement on the 11th, saying that it would be fair to disallow the game on June 10th, as another overseas team’s visit to Korea scheduled for July 30th (‘Coupang Play Series’ Manchester City vs. Attico Madrid) also overlaps with the K-League 2 schedule. claimed to be inconsistent with He continued, “We are working with the K-League and coexistence as our top priority. We plan to deliver the consortium’s plan for the development of the K-League to the federation.”

According to football officials, the organizers did not anticipate the current opposition when planning the match. This is because last year’s ‘Coupang Play Series’ match between Tottenham Hotspur and Sevilla was held on the same day as K League 1, but there is a precedent in which not only the federation but also public opinion were positive. At the time, two foreign clubs played at Suwon World Cup Stadium, which overlapped with 6 K-League 1 matches, including home matches between neighboring Suwon FC and FC Seoul.

The organizers expected that they could be persuaded even if the Korea Football Association objected, considering the case of last year and the fact that the match on June 10 this year overlaps with three K-League 1 matches, but not all of them are in the metropolitan area. The agreement itself from the professional federation was also a difficult part to anticipate. Among the required documents stipulated by the Korea Football Association’s related regulations, there is a ‘Consent to hold the federation’, which the Football Association interpreted as a professional federation. It is known that the organizers, who had difficulty thinking that the ‘federation’ intended to become a professional federation because no K-League team participated, belatedly sought the consent of the professional federation.

The Pro League is sticking to the opposite stance, saying, “It is our natural position to put the K-League first in a situation where the consent of the federation is required.” The reason that last year’s friendly match and the K-League overlapped was because the league schedule was adjusted according to the national team’s schedule, so it is different in nature from this time, which was initially applied on the overlapping day.

It is difficult to move the game on June 10 to another day. This is the only possible date to play 2 matches. There are also K League 1 matches on June 6, 7 and 11. Postponing it after June 12 is impossible because Lee Kang-in of Mallorca, a key player, is missing because the national team is expected to be called up.

Originally, the deadline for submitting documents to the Football Association was 12 days, and the schedule is even tighter because there is less than a month left before the scheduled game date. The organizers urgently came up with a win-win and support plan to persuade the K-League, persuaded the professional league again, and had to obtain consent. If the match on the 10th is cancelled, the match on the 8th will be in jeopardy.

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