The semi-finals of the Korean U20 World Cup team are a bigger hurdle than any previous match. Before discussing the power of the opponent Italy, the schedule and physical exhaustion are at a disadvantage.

On the 5th (Korean time), South Korea, who played the quarterfinals of the 2023 FIFA U20 World Cup Argentina at the Estadio Unico Madre de Ciudades in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, won 1-0 after extra time against Nigeria. Korea will play Italy in the quarterfinals on the 9th.토토사이트

Italy is the strongest team in the tournament after beating Brazil and England. Its history is also burdensome, but Korea is at a disadvantage from the schedule.

Korea took one less day off between the quarterfinals and semifinals. Italy played the quarterfinals on the 4th, and Korea on the 5th. There is a difference in recovery time, and there was a big difference in the state of physical exhaustion in the quarterfinals. Italy defeated Colombia 3-1 after 90 minutes. On the other hand, Korea won Nigeria 1-0 after an extra bloody battle.

On the other hand, Korea has some advantages. The travel distance was relatively short. After the group stage, Italy moved about 1,100km from east to west each time it reached the round of 16, quarterfinals, and semifinals. In comparison, Korea will play the group stage in Mendoza in the midwest, the round of 16 and quarterfinals in Santiago del Estero, which is about 900 km to the north, and the semifinals in La Plata, near the capital Buenos Aires, located in the central east. Korea did one less long-distance trip.

It is also positive that I have been better at arranging my stamina so far. Korea has only three players who played as a starter in all five games. Compared to five of Italy’s starting pitchers who played as starting fighters, he managed to arrange his stamina well. Looking at the standard of playing time, Korea has 3 players who played more than 400 minutes, while Italy has 5 players. Conversely, the number of players who digested more than 90 minutes was 18 in Korea and 16 in Italy. Such well-balanced stamina and at the same time using various players evenly can have a positive effect in the fight in the quarterfinals.

Even though it is physically more difficult, Korea is not at a disadvantage because it has managed the tournament well. Lee Yeong-jun and Lee Seung-won, who continue to play as starting pitchers, must recover their physical and mental stamina as much as possible in a short period of time. Manager Kim Eun-joong has to fight for strategy in both selection and replacement with available resources secured more abundantly than Italy. The lineup coach Kim will show against Italy, a country of “fighting,” has a huge impact on the game.

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