Real Madrid is cruising toward the Big Year (UCL championship trophy) for two consecutive years. Already this year, prospects are pouring in that Real Madrid will win the ‘Dream Stage’.

Real Madrid defeated Chelsea to advance to the semi-finals바카라 of the UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid recorded a 2-0 victory over Chelsea in the second leg of the Champions League (UCL) quarterfinals in the 2022-23 season held at Stamford Bridge, England at 4 am (Korean time) on the 19th. As a result, Real Madrid, who won the second leg following the first leg with the same score, completely defeated Chelsea with an aggregate score of 4-0.

Real Madrid, the team that has advanced to the UCL semifinals the most times, has increased the number of advances to 16 more. It is the result of taking a step closer to winning the UCL, which is called the ‘War of the Stars’ and the ‘Dream Stage’ for two consecutive years. Real Madrid, which is also the most successful UCL team ever (14 times), is showing an overwhelming appearance this season as well.

The quarterfinal match against Chelsea was also led by Real Madrid throughout the first and second matches. Real Madrid won the first game by two goals thanks to goals from Karim Benzema and Marco Asensio, but in the second game, Rodrygo’s multi-goal scored a goalless victory by two goals.

The second round was the same. Chelsea showed a lively appearance, but could not open the goal, and the goal came from Real Madrid when needed.

Also, according to a report by Spanish media Marca after the match, Real Madrid’s 32 UCL semi-final advances, including the European Cup, are known to be more than all records of Spanish clubs combined.

The record for Spanish clubs entering the UCL is a total of 28 times. Barcelona (16 times) and Atletico Madrid (6 times) have advanced to the UCL semifinals, including the European Cup, in that order, Villarreal and Valencia each have advanced twice, and Real Sociedad and Deportivo have each advanced once each. Even if you add up the history of all those clubs, they lag behind Real Madrid.

However, even in recent years, Real Madrid has advanced to the semifinals 11 times in 13 years since 2011. Real Madrid is dominating the UCL stage to the extent that there is virtually no slump. Even if it is simply expanded to clubs around the world, not just Spain, it is by far the best record among recent advances.

In the 13th minute of the second half, Rodrygo, who received a return pass from Vinicius Jr., calmly scored the opening goal. Chelsea hurriedly put in three strikers, Joao Felix, Raheem Sterling, and Mihailo Mudrik, aiming for a goal, but Real Madrid, who strengthened the midfield, scored an additional goal to score the game. In the 35th minute of the second half, after Federico Valverde completely broke through the opponent, Rodrygo calmly finished the pass and scored his second goal to seal the gap.

It is the 16th time Real Madrid has advanced to the UCL semifinals, which is by far the most record ever. Second place is jointly held by FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich with 12 circuits. If you expand the scope to the predecessor, the European Cup, it will be the 32nd time to advance to the semifinals. This record is also the most of clubs in the world, and the second place in history is Bayern Munich’s 20 times.

In view of Real Madrid’s appearance, the media around the world are pouring in the prospect that the defending champion’s victory at the top for the second consecutive year is getting closer. Real Madrid, which had been predicted to have the highest probability of winning the UCL before the actual competition, now has a higher chance of winning. Real Madrid will face the winners of Manchester City and Bayern Munich in the semi-final.

Real Madrid goal scorer Karim Benzema is also one step closer to legend with his 150th Champions League appearance. Cristiano Ronaldo (183 matches) ranks first in this category, followed by Iker Casillas (177 matches), Lionel Messi (163 matches), and Xavi Hernandez (151 matches). Benzema, who has a record of 5th place all-time, is only ahead of Ronaldo and Messi among active players.

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