UAB Practicum Discussion

UAB Practicum Discussion




Students prepare a detailed description of how each course objective was met, what was learned, and how learning will be integrated into daily nurse executive practice. The in-progress document is upload to the Practicum Reflection Canvas assignment

Attached is previous reflection. This assignment should be an add on to the attached.  UAB Practicum Discussion



Course Objectives:

Conduct a comprehensive and systematic assessment as a foundation for decision

Apply the best available evidence from nursing and other sciences as the foundation for

Advocate for patients, families, caregivers, communities and members of the healthcare

  1. Use information and communication technologies to advance patient education, enhance accessibility of care, analyze practice patterns, and improve health care outcomes, including nurse sensitive
  2. Use leadership skills to teach, coach, and mentor other members of the healthcare
  3. Use epidemiological, social, and environmental data in drawing inferences regarding the health status of patient populations and interventions to promote and preserve health and healthy
  4. Use knowledge of illness and disease management to provide evidence-based care to populations, perform risk assessments, and design plans or programs of
  5. Incorporate core scientific and ethical principles in identifying potential and actual ethical issues arising from practice, including the use of technologies, and in assisting patients and other healthcare providers to address such issues.
  6. Apply advanced knowledge of the effects of global environmental, individual and population characteristics to the design, implementation, and evaluation of
  7. Employ knowledge and skills in economics, business principles, and systems in the design, delivery, and evaluation of UAB Practicum Discussion
  8. Apply theories and evidence-based knowledge in leading, as appropriate, the healthcare team to design, coordinate, and evaluate the delivery of
  9. Apply learning, and teaching principles to the design, implementation, and evaluation of health education programs for individuals or groups in a variety of
  10. Establish therapeutic relationships to negotiate patient-centered, culturally appropriate, evidence-based goals and modalities of
  11. Design strategies that promote lifelong learning of self and peers and that incorporate professional nursing standards and accountability for
  12. Integrate an evolving personal philosophy of nursing and healthcare into one’s nursing UAB Practicum Discussion