On the other side of the globe, it is winter in Argentina.

In the cold weather, ‘Little Taegeuk Warriors’ play their last game.

Ahead of Kim Eun-joong’s third-place match against Israel, the last match of the FIFA U-20 World Cup, the sudden cold in the local area emerged as a variable.메이저사이트

On the 10th (local time), the day before the 2023 U-20 World Cup 3rd and 4th place match between Korea and Israel, the temperature in La Plata, Argentina recorded a minimum of 1 degree and a maximum of 11 degrees.

Compared to the previous day, when the highest temperature reached the early 20s, it dropped by about 10 degrees throughout the day.

It was often overcast or there were strong winds, so in this case the perceived temperature dropped further.

In Argentina, the venue of this tournament, which is on the other side of the world from Korea, June to August is winter.

After the national team came to La Plata, relatively mild weather continued until the semi-finals.

However, before the final day of the competition, the winter cold began in earnest.

On the 11th, local time, when the 3rd and 4th place matches and finals will be held, La Plata was predicted to have a minimum temperature of 0 degrees and a maximum temperature of 12 degrees.

It is expected to stay at around 10 to 11 degrees even in the 2nd to 4th hours of the afternoon when the match for 3rd and 4th place between Korea and Israel is held.

Kim Yong-hak (Portimonense), a side striker of the national team, said, “I think I’m definitely colder than yesterday.”

The national team has been outside for over a month, including the training camp in Brazil, which started early last month.

Recently, as one-on-one matches continued at intervals of 3 to 4 days, the players’ stamina was exhausted, and the final ‘endurance’ became the key as they were caught in the cold.

Manager Kim Eun-joong said, “Since the players couldn’t recover, they became ‘zombies.’

He predicted, “I don’t know how many charges have been made because the players have poured everything in the meantime,” and predicted, “It’s the same situation as us and the opponent, so a team that is more mentally prepared will do well.”

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