Trends And Issues For U.S. Healthcare

Trends And Issues For U.S. Healthcare

Financial challenges associated with changes to how healthcare organizations are reimbursed for healthcare services, the cost of implementing new technology and professionals to comply with federal requirements for electronic health records, and the increasing numbers of individuals who cannot pay for their healthcare represent only one issue for healthcare executives in the healthcare delivery system. But it has significant consequences for the viability and solvency of healthcare organizations. Healthcare executives don’t have a crystal ball; however, they do engage in forecasting the future based on what is currently known and examination of trends (Lee, 2015). To do this type of forecasting, healthcare executives are demonstrating techniques found in anticipatory management. According to their seminal research, Ashley and Morrison (1997) reported there are severe consequences for not anticipating future trends in a rapidly changing and complex society.Trends And Issues For U.S. Healthcare  The anticipatory management process they describe begins with scanning the environment to identify issues; creating issues briefs to inform stakeholders; prioritizing issues; assembling the team of experts; creating, implementing, and evaluating action plans and outcomes; and adjusting the course when necessary.



Last week, you compared healthcare delivery and costs in the United States with those in developed countries. This week, you will focus U.S. healthcare executives and how they prioritize the challenges confronting them to minimize the impact to their organizations.

As you prepare your assignment, consider these questions:

What challenges you have experienced in the healthcare workplace or when you have accessed your own healthcare provider?
Have you observed changes to how your personal health information is gathered and documented?
What technology is now being used which may be new to your workplace?
Were you required to take additional training in your current healthcare position due to the implementation of new technology?
Have you experienced a shortage of healthcare personnel in your workplace or at your healthcare provider’s office?
What effect have these situations had on you as the employee and patient? Trends And Issues For U.S. Healthcare
After your examination of current literature on the trends, issues, and challenges for healthcare executives and their organization’s review Ashley and Morrison’s seminal article (1997) on anticipatory management and utilize the sample chart shown for this assignment.

You may recreate this four-column table in a Word document and insert your issues/trends, identify which organizational area is/will be impacted by each issue/trend, and provide your rationale for the priority level you assigned each issue/trend. Be sure to use a title page for this assignment and a reference page in APA format. You will add rows to your table as needed to include all identified issues and trends.


Table 1. Sample Chart




Issue/trend (write these as statements)


Organizational Area of Impact (indicate which department/division effected by the issue/trend (write these as department names)


Rationale for Priority Level (write these as verb phrases)




Ex.: Financial challenges— Medicare reimbursements—Value-based Payment Program Trends And Issues For U.S. Healthcare


Ex.: Business Office—Finance; Accounting; Budget Office, Facilities Management, Purchasing, Human Resources, Patient Services


A decline and/or delay in revenue limits types of services provided, reduces purchasing power, delays vendor payments, halts capital improvements, freezes filling vacant nursing positions




Length: The length of this document will vary based on your findings; include the table and a summary of your findings using a minimum of 5 pages not including the title page and reference page.

References: A minimum of 5 scholarly resources

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