Han Suk-hee cited the many good-looking players and attacking soccer as the charms of Cheonan City FC, which has just entered the K-League stage.

On the 8th, a press conference was held in Cheonan for the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ at Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju-do. Coach Nam-yeol Park, playing coach Kim Chang-soo, and Han Seok-hee attended and conveyed their determination to face the 2023 season.

Cheonan is the first team to participate in the K-League in the 2023 season. Since the season has not yet started, many Cheonan citizens and soccer fans do not know that Cheonan has a professional soccer team. Not only the club front desk in charge of marketing, but also the coaching staff and players, including coach Park, have great responsibilities.

Coach Park revealed plans to attract fans through aggressive soccer. Striker Han Seok-hee, who is preparing for a new start in Cheonan after leaving Suwon Samsung, his first professional team, is of the same opinion. He said, “We have to show a fun, fast and hot game. It has to be fun the first time you see it so that you will keep coming to the stadium.”

And that’s not all. Han Seok-hee also mentioned that “there are many good-looking players” as a charm of Cheonan that can appeal to fans. “(Kim) Jong-min hyung is also handsome, (Cha) Oh-yeon and (Kim) Joo-hwan are also there,” he said, listing the names of his co-workers, and added with a smile, “Including me.” Below is an interview with Han Seok-hee

. He joined a club that is starting anew, but are there any difficulties?

Apparently, the conditions are poor. Of course, I was on a very good team before (laughs). Suwon Samsung was a team with a good environment compared to the K League 1 clubs. But this is not the time for me to weigh the circumstances. I came here with the goal of taking on a new challenge.

What was the background of choosing a new challenge and moving to Cheonan?

He hasn’t played well since having knee surgery in 2021. I thought it was time to take on a new challenge as a player has to run. The agent representative had the same idea. At that time, Cheonan actively approached. I didn’t like measuring because of my personality, so I immediately said ‘OK’.

There are many young players in Cheonan. The number of juniors has increased significantly, but

my age is above the middle. It seems there are only 4-5 people up there. There are 4 players of the same age, and we talk a lot about how we need to keep our balance.

Now I am in a position to give advice. What advice would you give to your juniors?

Young players do not know how to take care of their bodies. I too have suffered from injuries. I want to tell you that strengthening카지노사이트 exercises and daily life patterns are important. I also learned a lot from the hyungs, so I think I can tell the story well.

There are some players whose timing doesn’t overlap, but there are some players from Suwon on the team.

Damir is also from Suwon. I haven’t played together since Damir left and I came to Suwon, but I saw him play. Damir also knows that I was in Suwon, so we talk a lot. (Yoon) Yongho and I have been friends since we were little. (Shin) Wonho was also together, albeit briefly. Since we have something in common, it’s fun to talk about it then. Now, I hope everyone does well here.

Chungnam Asan FC, a club related to the same Chungcheong region, and Chungbuk Cheongju FC, which are also adjacent to the same region and entered the pro at the same time, are forming a rivalry, and I think positively

. They can get more attention because of the rivalry. It will also help with performance. There is a ‘Super Match’ experience in Suwon. During the Super Match, attention was focused even before the match, and many spectators came to the stadium. In that sense, it is good to have a rivalry. I think it’s a game that needs to be won.

There are still many soccer fans and Cheonan citizens who do not know much about Cheonan. If you look at the ‘appeal points’,

there are a lot of good-looking players. (Kim) Jong-min hyung is also handsome, (Cha) Oh-yeon, and (Kim) Joo-hwan. (You?) Of course I am included (laughs). There are still quite a few people who don’t know if there is a K-League team in Cheonan. The club will do a good job promoting it, but the players also have to show a fun, fast and hot game. It should be fun the first time you see it so that you will keep coming to the stadium. We will prepare for you to have fun.

What are your personal goals this season?

As a striker, you have to score a lot of goals. Then the team’s performance will naturally go up. However, the number was not determined. I talked about the target number in the interview before every season, but it didn’t work out well (laughs). This time, I’m going to try without fixing it. We will try to include as many as possible. (What is the team’s goal?) Both the coach and the players are talking about entering the single-digit ranking first. If you work hard, you might get better. The first half is important. If you accumulate points well in the spring and summer, you will be able to aim for the playoffs. Personally, I want to go to the playoffs.

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