‘I’m surprised!’ Yang Eui-ji of Doosan flinched at the unexpectedly warm (?) touch.

Head coach Lee Byung-kyu, who joined the Samsung Lions ahead of this season, showed off his extraordinary affection by stroking Doosan’s Eui-ji Yang’s palm.스포츠토토

An exhibition match between Doosan Bears and Samsung Lions was held at Jamsil Stadium on the 25th. As the home team’s Doosan players reached their final stage of training, the away team’s Samsung players arrived at the stadium and were unpacking their equipment in the third base dugout.

Yang Eui-ji, who finished training, headed to Samsung Dugout with a mitt in her left hand and a baseball in her right hand. The first person Yang Eui-ji greeted was his junior Kim Tae-gun. Ahead of the 2019 season, Yang Eui-ji, who moved to NC through a four-year, up to 12.5 billion free agent contract, has spent three seasons with Kim Tae-gun.

Kim Tae-gun, who has been guarding the NC home since the 2013 season, had fewer opportunities to play after Yang Eui-ji was recruited, but he learned a lot from Yang Eui-ji, the best catcher in the league, and grew one step further. Main catcher Yang Eui-ji and super backup Kim Tae-gun created a great synergy and shared the joy of winning the first integrated championship of the NC Dinos in the 2020 season.

Now, the two met at the Jamsil Stadium wearing Samsung and Doosan uniforms. Yang Eui-ji warmly welcomed his long-awaited younger brother. At this time, Kim Tae-gun, who was playful, pointed his finger in the opposite direction after confirming that Coach Lee Byeong-gyu was approaching from behind Yang Eui-ji.

Yang Eui-ji, not knowing why, moved his gaze according to the direction of Kim Tae-goon’s finger. At that moment, coach Lee Byeong-gyu’s palm touched Yang Eui-ji’s neck. As Yang Eui-ji flinched and avoided the startled coach, Lee continued the joke by lightly tapping Yang Eui-ji with his fist. Yang Eui-ji of the world was just a cute junior in front of baseball’s great seniors.

Afterwards, coach Lee Byeong-gyu showed off his affection by stroking Yang Eui-ji’s hand, who had suffered during the WBC. Yang Eui-ji, who felt the warm touch (?) of Lee, a senior coach, twice, left with a warm smile.

It was a short time of less than 10 seconds, but the meeting of the three people, which started with Kim Tae-goon’s playfulness, was heartwarming itself.

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