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A second-year high school pitcher dreams of becoming the “next Seung-hwan Oh” with a fastball that rivals the original. Reporter Kang Jae-mook met KT’s Park Young-hyun.메이저사이트

The bats of the batters are thrown into the air by the heavy fastball.

Even if they do make contact, the ball is often crushed by the pitch and becomes an ordinary fly ball.

This is KT Park Young-hyun’s fastball, the seventh most valuable pitch in the league.

The young pitcher, who turned pro last year, is only in his second year of high school, but has already earned a spot as a set-up man before the closer.

▶ Interview: Young-hyun Park / KT Wiz Pitcher

  • “My goal this year was 20 holds, but as I was doing it, people got greedy, so even the hold king got greedy….”

Park Young-hyun has already surpassed his goal by 7 holds, making him the sole hold leader.

Park Young-hyun, whose role model is Oh Seung-hwan, a symbol of stone juggling, said that the words of ‘the second Oh Seung-hwan’ are more encouraging than burdensome.

▶ Interview: Park Young-hyun / KT Wiz Pitcher

  • “He’s my idol, and I feel proud when I hear that. It’s like they’re saying I’m doing a good job, so I think that helps me.”

Park is set to compete at the Hangzhou Asian Games next month, and he’s determined to win gold with his KBO teammates, including Park Young-hyun, Moon Dong-joo, and Choi Ji-min.

▶ Interview: Park Young-hyun / KT Wiz Pitcher

  • “I really want to win the gold medal. I will finish the season well and show good results at the Asian Games. Go for it!”

This is MBN News’ Kang Jae-mook.

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