The practice of nursing research

The practice of nursing research

Qualitative research methods have 5 categories Phenomenological looks at life experiences and then interpreted by the researcher. Grounded Theory examines social situations to be able to formulate new theories. Ethnographic research focuses on different cultures to better understand the impact of that culture on their overall behavior and health. Exploratory Descriptive research is done to get a result or solution to a problem. Historical research studies the past to help steer future developments. Once the information is obtained, the researcher analyzes, interprets, and develops themes and subthemes. The practice of nursing research




The nature itself of qualitative research leads to bias in both the research and the subjects. The results of any of the methods used require the researcher to take the information and analyze it. There is nothing to compare this information to and does not take different variable into account. The information the researcher is analyzing could be biased itself due to the way the information is obtained; personal experience from subject, historical ‘facts’, or researchers observations. It would be challenging, if not imposible, to have a control group to compare when analyzing a persons feelings, actions, thoughts, or events that have already occured. There is also no interventions in qualitative research. The practice of nursing research

My patient safety problem from week 1 was the relationship between the readmission rates of patients with chronic diseases and medication adherence following a hospitalization. I do not feel qualitative research method would be a viable option for this research problem. The readmission rate itself deals with a number or amount which automatically uses quantitative research methods.


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