“Any player must do their best on the court until the end.”

Onyang Girls’ High School’s basketball team is not the absolute strongest in high school basketball. However, it is a team that has risen to the ranks of the strong every season. The 2022 season was the same. He advanced to the semifinals of each tournament, and lifted the championship trophy in the Fall Federation.

Cho Hyeon-jeong, coach of the basketball team at Onyang Girls’ High School, said, “Last year, I was selected as a coach for the youth national team. He has been out of school for about two months. At that time, I didn’t care about the student players. The performance and stamina of the players and the management of the game were also not satisfactory. I think there is no choice but to do that,” he said, looking back at the 2022 season.

“Our school pursues full-court press and fast basketball. However, because I couldn’t pay attention to school, I couldn’t inject that color well. Nevertheless, it showed good performance in the Fall Federation and National Sports Festival. It was better than planned,” he said, talking about the second half of the 2022 season.

And Onyang Girls’ High School prepared for the 2023 season. He has to play the 2023 season with a height lower than before. Coach Cho Hyun-jung said, “I was thinking about the winter training plan. After his consideration, the big frame was corrected. In the past, I focused on physical training, but this time I focused on improving my senses in practice. It is because I have to participate in this season’s competition with a shorter height than last season,” he said, focusing on winter training.

Coach Hyeon-Jeong Cho, who delivered the main points, said, “We practiced things that can be used in the game. To make up for the players’ short stature with speed, he practiced full-court presses and early offenses more. Those things seem to have worked out so far,” he said, expressing his satisfaction.

After that, “As I said before, my height is disappointing. Even though I emphasized not to allow offensive rebounds, I was pushed back in the rebound fight. It is not easy to have a height difference,” he regretted the poor rebound due to his low height.

Meanwhile, Onyang Girls’ High School will host two winter leagues in its hometown, Onyang. Two winter leagues are held for 4 days and 3 nights. The reason why quite a few teams gather in Onyang.

Coach Cho Hyeon-jeong said, “Stove League was held in Sangju and Samcheonpo. However, we conduct our own winter league. Teams that wanted 바카라사이트to play practice games were invited, and the winter league schedule was distributed according to the team’s strength. Instead, we participate both times. We are focusing on playing a lot of games,” he said, conveying the meaning of the Onyang Winter League.

Coach Cho Hyeon-jeong, who conveyed the meaning, said, “Last year, we used our school gym and Asan Yi Sun-shin gym, and this time we plan to play the league at the school gym and Woori Bank Junior Club gym. In terms of improving the sense of practice, it is encouraging. Instead, I hope to get good results,” adding the location of the winter league.

And “I’m putting my hopes on all four of the 3rd graders (Ryu Ga-hyung, Yang In-ye, Choi Yu-ji, and Choi Ye-bin). Despite his short stature, he knows what he has and what he has to do. Only when we do that, can our team achieve results,” explaining the main axis resources.

“We are a team that is in the top 4 every year. It’s good to set big goals, but you have to do it slowly from the beginning. Above all, as we have done so far, we must work hard. Until the buzzer sounds at the end of the game, everyone has to do their best,” he set a goal for the 2023 season.

Lastly, “I asked him to develop the mindset that he had to play basketball on his own, not forcibly. That way, you can fulfill your allotted share for the day. It helps the player and the team. In addition, while individual players compete, they must also have teamwork.” I thought that when I fulfill my duty, I can get closer to my goal.

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