‘Dooly’ Busan coach Park Jin-seop brought a team that was at the bottom of the K-League 2 to the top after a year in charge.

Busan, led by coach Park, won 2-1 in an away game in the 16th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ against Seoul E-Land held at Mokdong Sports Complex on the afternoon of the 4th. Busan took the lead with Kim Chan’s header in the 37th minute of the first half, and Lee Si-heon scored a ‘wonder goal’ in the 2nd minute of the second half, but substitute Park Jeong-in scored the final shot in the 28th minute of the second half, earning three valuable points in enemy territory.스포츠토토

Busan, which had 3 consecutive victories, recorded 29 points from 8 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses, and took advantage of the failures of Anyang (28 points), Bucheon (26 points), and Gimpo (26 points) to rise from 4th place to 1st place at once. Jumped. It is the first time since the opening game that Busan has taken the lead. The winning streak against E-Land has also been extended to 4 games.

Coach Park said, “In a difficult game, the players came together and made the result of victory. I will give the victory to the players.”

After passing through Gwangju FC and FC Seoul, Park took the baton of Busan, which was at the bottom of the season on June 3rd during last season. This day was the 366th day of his appointment.

Coach Park looked back, saying, “After taking office, I saw various aspects that were lacking, so I tried to make up for it. From winter training to the players, I made a concerted effort to make a new change, and I think I’ve come this far.”

Park Jeong-in, the protagonist of the winning goal, said, “We prepared a lot during the winter season this year. I think it’s a season where we can show (performance). We are doing well, so we think of direct promotion.”

However, coach Park did not attach much importance to the immediate ranking. He said, “Now the rankings will motivate the players in terms of confidence, but from now on is important. Enjoy until today and focus again from tomorrow.”
It is a statement from experience. Coach Park took the baton in Gwangju in 2018 and led Gwangju’s first win in the 2019 season the following year, leading to direct promotion to the K League 1.

Coach Park said, “I don’t think we will continue to run for first place.

Park Jeong-in, who played an active role as the Busan ace until last season, had a hard time at the beginning of this season because his ‘form’ did not come up. Park Jung-in, who only recently returned to the squad, announced a revival by scoring goals in two consecutive games.

Coach Park said, “Park Jung-in is a player with enough ability. It took a long time to build a body. The player himself wanted to go to Team B and improve his game sense. At some point, I thought he would help the team, but returned to the team. So I scored two goals in a row. The team has many options.”

Summer reinforcement is essential to continue the lead fight. Coach Park said, “Central defenders such as Lee Han-do and Jo Wi-je are playing full-time without replacement. We need to reinforce the central defense. We also need a midfielder. We are talking well with the club.”

Meanwhile, coach Park Choong-gyun of E-Land, who suffered its first loss after three consecutive wins, said, “The performance wasn’t bad. It’s a pity that we lost a goal. But we have to forget about it quickly and prepare well for the next match against Seongnam.” Regarding the ‘monster striker’ Ho-nan, who was replaced again in extra time after being replaced in the second half, he said, “It seems that the muscles in the groin are torn. I couldn’t digest it properly. I think Kim Soo-an, who is coming back from injury, and Lee Jung-moon, who is improving his condition, should play the role of strikers.

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