Kim Jong-woo (Pohang Steelers) vowed to break down all the prejudices surrounding him and become the ‘King of Pohang’.

On the 15th, Pohang Steelers and FC Seoul, who played the 7th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at Pohang Steel Yard, drew 1-1.

Kim Jong-woo, who played full-time on this day, 스포츠토토has been showing conditions close to normal since the last match against Gwangju FC. Coach Ki-dong Kim recruited Jong-woo Kim last winter and said, ‘A player to replace Jin-ho Shin,’ it became a hot topic. He has been steadily digesting the early season games and adapting to the team is progressing easily.

As his physical condition improved, he began to be greedy for attack points. In the 5th minute of the first half, he accurately passed to Kim In-seong, who rushed to the goal with a sharp kick. Kim In-seong cut the net, but it was canceled for offside. In the 39th minute of the first half and the 1st minute of the second half, he tried a bold mid-range shot. In the 23rd and 33rd minutes of the second half, Park Seung-wook’s header shot and delivered an accurate cross. In the 42nd minute of the second half, a direct free kick missed the goal.

Kim Jong-woo, who met with ‘Footballist’ after the game, said, “It’s the 7th round, but I still only have 1 assist. After the match in Gwangju, I’m in good condition, so I’m greedy for an attack point. Honestly, I played with the thought that I should raise one today. He told me to hit a lot. Today it was raining and the pitch was slippery. He said to hit a lot,” revealing the reason for his greed.

Kim Jong-woo, who is appointed as a defensive midfielder, emphasizes not only game coordination but also a defensive role. Kim Jong-woo worked hard to become a player that coach Kim demanded by steadily training his physical strength. Due to his skinny body, physical fighting is mentioned as a disadvantage, but Kim Jong-woo emphasized that he does not admit it.

Kim Jong-woo said, “I don’t feel like I’m being pushed back when I fight in the stadium. I think it’s because the style itself prefers a defense that only picks up the ball rather than bumping into it. The coach tells me to bump into it on purpose. It’s because being seen is important. That’s why. When defending, I try to give a more fighting feeling in terms of performance. So far, when I think of Kim Jong-woo, nothing comes to mind. The manager said he would change it.”

Lastly, Kim Jong-woo gave strength to his voice, saying, “There is a prejudice that my physical fight is weak. I will break everything. I will challenge the king of Pohang as I promised during the field training.”

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