The Comparisons & Contrasts Coding Discussion

The Comparisons & Contrasts Coding Discussion

Topic 1: The Comparisons and Contrasts of ICD-10-CM/PCS & SNOMED Coding

As a continuation of recent, SNOMED Coding Assignment, in a minimum of 250 words, discuss your overall experience with both coding and classification systems. Elaborate on the identified similarities and differences among ICD-10 & SNOMED. Finally, state your preference for any of these two and why? You should have a minimum of two to three peer-reviewed references.  The Comparisons & Contrasts Coding Discussion



Topic 2: Each One Teach One: Designing An In-Service Training

As the corporate HIM Director at the University of Maryland University College Medical Center (UMUC-MC) you have identified an opportunity to improve percentage of complete and accurate health records that meet organizational and national compliance. You intend to design an in-service training for the HIM and clinical staff on the importance of completeness and accuracy of the health records and its role in effective healthcare delivery. What aspects would you like to highlight in the training that would help accomplish your goal?

Topic 3 of HCAD 640- Read “Hospital revenue cycle trends to watch in 2019 — 8 thoughts” (  Based on the trends you read about in the article, which of the eight trends are most evident in the healthcare industry today?  Support your statements with research in a few paragraphs (250 words minimum). The Comparisons & Contrasts Coding Discussion