As soon as Lee Sang-young of LG is discharged, he is under pressure, not pressure to become the team’s 4th starter. Isn’t it putting too much burden on a pitcher who is still a promising player who has only won one game in the first team after his debut? After being discharged on the 12th, he immediately joined the team on the 13th and welcomed the opportunity, saying, “If I do well, I will be in my position.”스포츠토토

Lee Sang-young was discharged on the 12th after leaving an average ERA of 2.63 with 8 wins and 1 loss in 9 games in the Futures League this year. As of the 13th, it is 1st in the Futures League. Excluding Lee Sang-young, 4 wins in the Northern League and 5 wins in the Southern League are the most. As such, he spent the first two months well after the opening. Thanks to this, expectations for his post-discharge have also grown. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “I hope Sang-young Lee will take his place as the 4th starter.”

Lee Sang-young, who we met ahead of the game against Samsung in Jamsil on the 13th, said, “The record (8 wins) is because the Sangmu players are so strong that even if they give points, they support them so it looks like that.” At the same time, he cited ‘octagonal degrees’ as the real reason.

Before his enlistment, Lee Sang-young was a player who used a high release point to make use of his tall height of 192 cm. However, it was not a comfortable form for Lee Sang-young. He explained, “I wanted to get off from before, but there was an opportunity to throw in Sangmu, so he got off boldly.”

Regarding the weakness against right-handed batters that can occur when lowering his arm, he said, “I tried to overcome my weaknesses by throwing a lot of ball and slider against right-handed batters. I think I will know it when I throw it in the first team.”

He said he referenced Josh Hader more than Randy Johnson. Lee Sang-young said, “I liked Josh Hader, so I followed his form a lot. I threw it up until May of last year, but it was so bad that I changed it at that time.” I didn’t, and I just changed it to a form I could throw comfortably.”

▲ Pitcher Lee Sang-young of the Korean national team at the World Baseball Championship under the age of 23. ⓒWBSC

When he gets on the mound on the 14th, Lee Sang-young will play as a starting pitcher for the first time in 598 days since October 24, 2021. He was replaced after giving up 4 hits and 3 walks in 2⅔ innings against Doosan and allowing 2 runs. Of the nine starts prior to enlistment, there were only two games in which he threw five or more innings. Lee Sang-young was discharged from the military with thick guts.

He said, “The coach gave me a good evaluation, so I was able to throw right away. I have to throw well tomorrow to have my place and gain trust. I think everything will be better if I throw well. The coach told me not to walk and to throw confidently.” revealed

He also said, “Before enlistment, I was timid and lacked confidence on the mound. Now, as I throw a lot, I gain confidence, and I have the guts to fight with seniors in the first team.” With these words, he looked forward to returning to the 1st team.

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