‘Teacher’ coach Pep Guardiola and ‘disciple’ coach Mikel Arteta met in the cup competition. In the Premier League standings, ‘The Pupils’ were at the top, but it was Manchester City who laughed in the FA Cup.

Man City and Arsenal played the 4th round of the ‘2022-23 season FA Cup’ at Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England. The Premier League’s 1st place competition team face-to-face. In the league, Arsenal led the way with solid performances, but it was different in the FA Cup.

After a tight first half, Manchester City took the lead. In the 19th minute of the second half, he calmly managed the ball that bounced off the post, and Ake, who slipped up and took his place, pushed it with an accurate shot.

Key striker Haaland was silent, but Man City dominated the game by maintaining possession. Arsenal used Martinelli and others to attack the Man City side, but the goalkeeper saved and cooperative defense failed to equalize. 안전놀이터

Currently, Man City are in second place in the Premier League and Arsenal are in first place. Victory points are 5 points apart. It’s the FA Cup, so it has nothing to do with league rankings, but this season’s first ‘teacher and student’ confrontation. Coach Guardiola, the ‘teacher’, laughed first and succeeded in overpowering the team.

Man City and Arsenal have two head-to-head matches left in the second half of the Premier League. Football fans are paying attention to how coach Arteta, the ‘disciple’, will respond in an important match where the direction of the championship can be determined.

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