TaylorMade unveils all-new P 700 series (P 770, P 7MC, P 7MB) irons.

The P.770 reflects the design preferred by tour players. The top line is thin and the offset is small. The length of the blade is also short, so it is nimble. It has a hollow structure and a forged L-face.

The center of gravity was set differently for each number. The long irons have the lowest center of gravity, and the short irons get higher. It also features the FLTD CG™ design that adds tungsten weights to the long and middle irons. Long irons, which are difficult to handle, can easily launch the ball, and short irons enable precise shots. 카지노사이트

Speed ​​Foam Air technology was also applied. It uses a material that is 69% less dense than the previous speedform to reinforce the feel and sound at impact. Through-slot speed pockets and an inverted conical face increase ball speed to improve distance and forgiveness.

The all-new P·7MC and all-new P.7MB are made with the grain forging method. The head was machined on a 2000 ton press, more than twice the industry standard. It is a device for the best feel at impact and high rigidity.

Creation Matt Bob, Director of TaylorMade Iron Products, said, “The P 700 series are timeless irons with excellent technology and elegant design.” introduced.

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