There’s one pitcher who hasn’t lost a single game in his 10 starts this season.

It’s LG’s second-year foreign pitcher Plutko.바카라사이트

Equipped with a sweeper, he leads LG’s mound this season.

Husolji is a reporter.


Left-hander Jung Soo-bin struck out Kim Jae-hwan with a changeup, and Plutko struck out Yang Suk-hwan with a fastball followed by a big curveball.

Yang induces a swinging strike with a slider.

[Play-by-play comment: “High on the body, low on the outside. If he throws it on this trajectory, he’s not going to get a hit.”]

In his second year in Korea, Plutko’s changeup has become more varied and sophisticated.

He lowered his fastball, his main weapon, by 10 percentage points, and added more completeness to his slider and changeup, which he switched to a sweeper grip.

[Plutko/LG: “I switched to a two-seam grip slider called a sweeper. I’ve been working on it a lot, and I feel like I’ve been able to improve it this season.”]

He’s now 10-0, just the sixth player in history to go undefeated through 10 starts.

He’s the new ace of first-place team LG, replacing Kelly, who faded a bit, finishing second in wins and ERA behind NC Pedi.

Add to that the role she’s played in helping Austin settle in as she’s new to the Korean scene, and captain Oh Ji-hwan has even admitted it.

[Oh Ji-hwan/LG/team YouTube channel interview: “(Plutko) is like a neighbourhood uncle, it’s comfortable, I met a friend who is good at baseball and has a good personality.”]

Last season was a disappointing one, as despite winning 15 games, the team conceded six runs in one playoff game against Kiwoom.

Plutko has evolved more this season, and his goals are simpler.

[Plutko/LG: “(Do you have any personal goals this season?) No, I don’t. LG’s win, that’s all.”]

KBS News Husolji.

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