For Hanbomgo, 2022 has become an unforgettable year. She won every competition she participated in, recording 5 gold medals, and showed the aspect of being the absolute best in the women’s division.

Despite being a sophomore at the time, there was a player who played an active role as the team’s main apogee. Song Ah-hyeon (3rd grade, 178cm, OP) was placed on the right wing of Hanbom High School and showed a good performance. She also has the strength of being left-handed.

Recognized for her performance, she was also promoted to the 2022 Women’s U18 National Team and won a bronze medal at the 14th Asian U18 Championships.

Song Ah-hyun, whom she recently met with <The Spike>, said, “When she was in the third grade, I thought she was unconditionally good. I want to do well, just like her older sisters have always done well.

Now that she is in her third year, she has taken on another challenge. She is equally seated in Apogee, but joins Receive. At the time of the 2023 Okcheon 메이저놀이터 Perfume Ship Winter Stove League, she not only actively participated in receiving, but also showed a decent performance in attack.

She confessed, “It is true that it has become more difficult than when she only attacked,” but she showed confidence, saying, “Still, if I receive directly, I can see the ball better and hit it with confidence.”

She also cited her defense as a part to complement as she now does not only attack but also receive.

Now that she has one year left in high school, Song Ah-hyun said, “As a high school student, winter vacation is the last time. She wants to work harder than last year and show higher skills than now,” she wished.

Song Ah-hyun expressed her strong aspirations, saying, “I want to win all tournaments this year, just like last year.” Finally, “I may be anxious as much as I joined the receive, but I want to win this time too. We believe in our team. In addition, I hope that all of our team members go to a good place.”

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