Acting manager Ryan Mason of Tottenham comforted Son Heung-min, who suffered ‘racism’.

Acting manager Mason held a press conference ahead of round 36 of the 2022-23 Premier League against Aston Villa held at Villa Park in Birmingham, England at 11:00 pm on the 13th (Korean time).

At a press conference카지노사이트 published on the UK’s The Sun and the club’s website, Acting manager Mason left a comment related to Son Heung-min’s racial discrimination. Acting coach Mason said, “We support Son Heung-min. We want to protect our players every hour.” He continued, “I love Son Heung-min even more as a person.”

Previously, Son Heung-min suffered ‘racism’ in the match against Crystal Palace on the 6th. After playing 89 minutes on the day, he was substituted and left the ground, and the scene of an away fan tearing his eyes at Son Heung-min was caught on the relay screen. After the game, the photo spread through social media (SNS), and immediately a controversy over ‘racism’ arose.

Both teams reacted strongly. Tottenham immediately said, “We are working with Palace to find the person. We will receive the strongest measures.” Palace also warned that “we will face a strong disciplinary action from the club”.

The Premier League Secretariat even introduced a patch for the 2020-21 season, an anti-racism slogan, ‘No Room For Racism’ three years ago, but racism incidents are still occurring.

Son Heung-min, who stepped on the British stage in 2015, suffered the pain of racial discrimination every year. British locals did not hesitate to pour out his racially discriminatory remarks, such as tearing their eyes at Son Heung-min or ‘eat dog meat’.

Even on the 1st, a famous local commentator who was broadcasting matches with Tottenham and Liverpool saw Son Heung-min’s defense scene and expressed, “He is doing martial arts.” It is a racist remark used to generalize Asians by comparing them to Chinese ‘Kung Fu’.

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